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Sansarikaran is the most important element in the organised and positive growth of any community.

Jains opposing Brahmanism initiated their own system of Tirthankars. They perform all rituals little differently like Hindus. Their mantras are in Prakrit. Their system of Sadhu Maharaj and Sadhvi are their guides. They teach them how to live life on Earth by putting control over the five senses. They have identified from the beginning that dharma, artha, Kama and moksha are interlinked and the supporting elements of each other. They earn through trades and networking and spend for dharma, for their community services at the end. As a result their is no poverty amongst them. They don't require unclean occupations. Their savings of wealth come to use for the service of the society. They follow common codes of living. Vegetarian food without onion, potato, garlic, etc; no alcohol, regular visit to Derasar, hearing Satsang, following Vratas and living a life of organised discipline is a common culture of the society. And when all the instruments of the orchestra tune well with the masters common command, the music created out of common play will be the best. Any community copy this model will be successful in life.

Patels were working initially with Jains. They learn many tricks of trade and commerce from the Jains. They were religious and following vegetarian way of life. Copying the entrepreneurship life of Jains, they started building wealth through trade and commerce. But the Guru system of Maharajshri was missing. At this point Swaminrayan Sadhus came forward to guide them. The original Gadi of temples created by Sahajananda Swaminarayan Bhagwan have been divided amongst his two nephews under the umbrellas of Vadtal and Kalupur, but later it has been further divided into Sokhada, Maninagar, BAPS, etc. They all started Sanskarikaran of the society and mostly of Patels, following Vachanamrut and Shikshapatri. They build temples for a common meeting points to share good virtues of life and run common services of Gurukul, hostels for building the common force of youths. They run charity programmes and always come forward to help the mankind at the time of calamities. There are individual Sadhus who run their independent Gurukuls and Hospitals. How many Swaminarayan Sadhus you can imagine. All together, they must be around 20,000. And Haribhaktas, 10-20 millions. The committed force of Sadhus and some of them are intellectually very sound are hiding the Haribhaktas the cultural way of good life following right path of good character, Satvik food, good company and better professions to earn wealth. And to share the income for the common causes and usages of the community. The Patel power in all fields, agriculture, dairy, trades and commerce, industries, education, health, politics, all are the creation of Dharma Dand of Swaminarayan Sadhus and the hard work of Hari Bhaktas. United in common codes and virtues of life, they are progressing fast.

Any society may change their names of identity or change religion but if don't change their life style for following common good virtues of life like other organised societies, they will not grow. They may enjoy their meal, drinks, customs, rituals, backwardness, etc, in their own style but change can happen only with the change over to right path. Many of the new generation are trying to apply changes, but the general atmosphere is not that positive. Like in riots the bad elements takes over the law and order and disrupt the life of common people, the orthodox elements of the society preside over the bad practices, which are major hurdles of our unity and growth. That is our real jail. We want freedom from them. Our new generation of youths have to think differently. They have to become more open to new ideas, to become more organised, to become more industrious and to grow more by following good virtues of life.

Development is not a short cut but a long Yatra of organised and tuned walking together with utmost discipline of life. Are we ready for that?

When any community reach to that common understanding, our dawn will be there. The freedom from our thoughts of backwards and untouchables. Leave all karmas and practices those make you backwards and untouchables.

Uttishta: arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.

17 August 2016

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