Friday, August 26, 2016

Long Live 1985, Happy Birthday

I remember those 500+ probationers, young boys and girls, with urban and rural backgrounds. All were slim fit barring few. The shouts of Tripurari and others on weekends still sounds in my ears. Our eagerness to collect posts from the pigeon holes and searching cards for the loved once from the Mall Road are unforgettable. Our tracking to Himalayas, where some of our Batchmates went in three pieces suits. Some of the married once were hiding their marital status looking at the girls of the batch as well as the visitors of the North India coming in search for the bridegrooms. I remember the faces of my Batchmates returning from the mess, declaring the menu of the mess through the colour of their faces. I remember Dada Benerji, the only one who wished to pass us all in the exams. And dear Mutthuswami, speaking without coma and full stop and throwing the spit around. I remember the young faculty of the Academy with the old Director. Mohan was Manmohan. I remember our musical and performer teams with beautiful and handsome faces. Our great singer Ram Nivas, with his best in Shivshankar Bhang, Arya's stage performance, Chief Sanjeev Chopra's lucid comparing, etc. We had little to showcase through the outfits, but chatting a lot sharing the customs and traditions of our country. The experience of first time wearing button up made us the 'latsahab'. I remember the setting of the pairs and the bunking of the classes in the colds. Rana's jogging and yoga to extend sleep hours still dawn around my mind. With small money our trips to Hari's shop and the mall visits were rejuvenating us with the spirit of social life. 31 years have passed, but we are the same in our hearts and minds sharing our joys together in whatsapp era.

Long live 1985. Happy Birthday.

26 August 2016


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