Saturday, August 20, 2016

No Religion

No Religion

Modern youths are walking on the path of no religion. In South Korea, nearly 49% people, mostly the youths identified themselves in No Religion category. Japan was following Santo similar like Vedic Hinduism with caste system, had moved to Buddhism and now the new generation is moving towards no religion.

In western world, the Churches are visited mostly by elders and children. The youths are busy in earning and enjoying life.

Why do you prefer no religion status instead of following the religion of your family? I asked a question to a Korean young man. What did he reply? I was not born with religion. I followed the faith of my parents. Now, I am young and I am to earn for me and for my future family. I am yet to search a girl of my choice and marry her. Progress and growth of my life is more important for me than the religion. The religion teaches us, does and don'ts, and mostly talking about our condition after death. It is more of a customary nature. How to perform marriage, death ceremony, rituals etc. Sometimes religion become an obstruction of growth because of it's don't instructions. For me, present life is important than the life after death. I should grow, my friends should grow, all should grow, my country should grow. We should work hard, produce, improve our income and GDP of the country and live a better quality of life. I may follow or not the customs of religion in all my rituals, but in a day to day life my participation in economic activities of the nation in more important. I shall earn, buy house and other amenities of life, spend money on my needs, pay taxes to government to build infrastructure and help the people in need if I have excess money. Development of my physical life is my first priority. He explained.

But where the orthodox world is going? In the name of religion some follow inequality of humans by birth and create conflicts in the Society and some brainwashed become terrorists for Jannat after the death. Religion becomes the dividing force of the communities. Instead of spreading good virtues preached by the religions, some people execute the bad practices and divide the human race into conflicting groups.

Who won't like to become a good human being? Who won't like to have peace and happiness of life? Who won't like to have the bliss of God?

All like them. But the Souls are living in bodies. And bodies during the span of 60-90 years need money to acquire basic quality of life. And for that, economic activities are more important than the religious activities. The physical and mental strength of the young age to be used for the individual development and in turn adding into the development of the community and the country.

But one should not missed the best practices of capacity building through Yogas, Asanas and meditation to maintain physical and mental fitness of the body and mind to deliver the best output. People were controlled by religion therefore all the good practices are taught through the religion. Otherwise, the way we accept science, maths, economics and other subjects; the philosophy, some practices are good for the betterment of the individuals and for the society.

After all, what are we? The physical presentation of our thoughts ? The thoughts we believe right, we hold them for long and become the life like the thoughts. But while interacting with others, with different communities if we correct our thoughts and tune with the common and progressive thoughts of the societies, then all will have common cause to live with peace, prosperity and happiness. Some of the thought leaders, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavir, Jesus, Muhammad, Gandhi, etc, conveyed us the thoughts of common goods to follow to build a better society but many of us failed in looking at the Moon which they were pointing the finger, instead we see the finger only and start fighting comparing the size of the fingers.

Tons of thanks to be given to the scientists, technologists, doctors and Agro scientists for their discoveries and inventions, those made our life more comfortable and more liveable. Day by day: Our life expectancy, our comforts, our education, our income, our wealth are increasing. All through the economic activities. However, climate change and over exploration of natural resources without their renewal may be a challenge we have created for the next generation but development has brought us a better quality of life.

Combining the economic fruits with a life of good virtues will make the world a Heaven. Otherwise, the fight of I, the ego will destroy the harmony and make the earth a hell.

Religion or no religion, humanity and prosperity should be our torch of our life.

20 August 2016


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