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Good morning Astrology, who will be the CM of Gujarat?

Good morning astrology, who will be the CM of Gujarat?

I have opened this horoscope the last. But thrice I have mentioned the strength of the Vargottami Rahu. He has not only Rahu but also Ketu and Mercury Vargottami. Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio. And surprisingly, in Gochar, Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio at present. And the Rahu(Vargottami) Mahadasha with what a great combination match with Jupiter antar and Mercury (Vargottami) pratyantar. His generosity will win his colleagues. He has sharp memory and logical thinking. He might have earn the image of slow disposer of files, but no one can question his sharp intellect, understanding of the intentions of the proposers and favour for the judicious decisions. Circumstances will lead him to the direction from where the divine She Elephant will come and put the garland of flower around his neck.

Subham Bhavatu Kalyanam.

4 August 2016


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Good morning Astrology, Between Leo and Cancer.

The Leo, the front runner of the race is a very nobel person full with gentleness. He has learned the positive tricks of politics from his mentor. His horoscope doesn't carry Mahayogas but the Parivartan Yoga of Saturn and Mars in his birth moon lagna kundali, makes the Saturn, Mars and Rahu powerful. And these are the forces that make the person successful in public life against all obstructions. The aspect of Jupiter and Mars over each other make him generous and Dariya Deel, but sometimes turns into a loss of opportunity. He may sacrifice for others. As Saturn is strong through Parivartan power of Mars, and he is passing through Saturn Mahadasha with Jupiter antar, he became MLA in bye election, became Minister, became State Party President and continued as Minister and now the front runner for the post of CM.

Another contender of the race, the Cancer has Vargottami Rahu period, can give unexpected gains. He can be the chief, either of the Government or the Party.

The third person whose Mahayogas were described in my previous mail, may continue in Delhi if the news are true.

The fourth who has two debilitated position of Sun and Mars, may be kept away from the race gracefully.

Finally, Destiny will decide the Gujpati😊

4 August 2016

Another candidate, a sitting minister has Vargottami Rahu and he is passing through Rahu Mahadasha with Rahu antar dasha. Rahu represents backwards, and the issue of backwards is live in the environment. Rahu can eclipse Sun and Moon, therefore, at eleventh hour this viparit Rajyoga may turn into Rajyoga. A probability may be generated out of uncertainty. Keeping the runner up in the race. 3/8/16

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Good morning astrology, who will be the CM of Gujarat?

"Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck." - Dalai Lama 

All those in public posts have some Rajyoga in their horoscopes. But some with exalted and Vargottami stars get better opportunities and some with debilitated stars-planets miss the bus at the last moment. 

Out of the names in the news, let us review the moon lagna kundali of one of the candidates. He has very good star positioning in his birth horoscope with three major "Mahapurush Yogas": Hans Yoga of exalted Jupiter in Cancer, Malvya yoga of Venus in Libra, Shash yoga of exalted Saturn in Libra. The union of Venus, Saturn, Mercury and Moon in Libra is also positive. He has a logical, philosophical and judicious mind and he is expressive of his thought process.

In Gochar, the Jupiter transit over his birth Sun from 11 August (however, the exact union will happen after 5 months) gives him an edge over others. 

He is passing through Venus Mahadasha with Jupiter antar and Venus pratyantar, and Jupiter being exalted and Vargottami, indicates very very positive time for him to enter into the bigger circle of power. He is completing the third phase of sadesati of Saturn in Scorpiio, will get a prize. He has received the fruits of the stars position recently, getting a ministry, but that may not be sufficient compare to his stars strengths at present. Therefore, he may get one more promotion, may be the chair of Guharat CM. If he fails in that, then his present post will be elevated. But the previous is more probable. 

Birth number 1 and his birth in the period of Libra makes him leader with judicious and independent attitude.

Whosoever comes, the growth train of Gujarat must continue to run in the top gear. 

Shubham Bhavatu Kalyanam. 

3 August 2016

NB: Jyotish is a science of probability, may not be true always.

Leo CMs of Gujarat

22 July to 22 August is called the period of Leo. The persons born during this period are leaders born to rule, whether a small kingdom or a large kingdom. But as per Eastern Astrology, Sun, the major Star transit in moon sign Cancer, the house of Moon during the period between 15 July to 15 August. Therefore, the persons born in this period reaches to the top through accidental circumstances. The situation select them for the Chair. 

Gujarat had 5 Leo CM out of total 15 till date. 

1. Hitendra Desai 9/8/1915
2. Madhavsinh Solanki 30/7/1927
2. Amarsinh Chaudhary 31/7/1941
3. Keshubhai Patel 24/7/1928
4. Suresh Mehta 18/8/1947
5. Shankarsinh Vaghela 21/7/1940
6. ......

Those in the race, one of them is Leo born on 2/8/1956, his birthday today. Three names are in race: Leo, Libra and Cancer but two Taurus are dark horse. 

On whose neck, the divine She Elephant will put the garland of flower around?

2 August 2016

NB: In IAS, there are Leo, carry personality of Lion, the King.

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