Thursday, September 1, 2016

Rudraksha the Natural Pacemaker

Rudraksha the Natural Pacemaker 

India is a country where you will find women wearing Gold ornaments. There are many options for women to follow fashion in terms of clothing, ornaments, beautifying, styling, etc. But men have limited choice of wearing trousers, jeans, shirts, t-shirts and now the kotis. On ornaments side, Men are generally happy with a ring on the finger. But when you look at the Babas, Sadhus, public personalities, elderly people, etc, thousands of people in India wear Rudraksha Mala. 

Generally the seeds (Rudraksha) of tree Eliocarpus Genitrus are panchmukhi but the ekmukhi is the costliest. As people in general believe in Spirituality, it is consider good for positivity as it upscales the spiritual life. Some people say that the benefits may vary with the number of faces over the Rudraksha. Some will bring prosperity and some will make you Sadhu living the Sansara.

But do you know, it carries health benefits. It is a Natural Pace Maker regulates the pulse rate and heart movement. The voltage necessary to run the heart, if lowering with ageing, Rudraksha Mala support the heart. It balances the Ida (cold, left breathe) and Pingala (hot, right breathe) and increase the Susumna cycles, useful for meditation and Samadhi. It is bringing positivity in thought process therefore increases the span of peace of the mind that in turn improves quality of living. 

Rudraksha Mala is generally made of 108 beads and one meru (guru bead). As people do mantra japa for spirituality, it is easy for them to count the numbers by multiplying it with number of malas, so that the daily routine and regularity are maintained. Number 108 is very important in India. 12 Zodiac Signs multiplied with 9 planets makes it 108. 27 Nakshatras multiplied with 4 directions makes it 108. In Smudra Manthan, 54 devas on one side and 54 Asuras on other side, (make it 108), churning the Ocean of Milk with the rod of Mandar mountain, pulling the Vasuki serpent back and forth to produce the elixir of immortality. In Kundalini Sadhana of subtle body, the electric serpent is charged and lifted upward (Prana-life force, vital energy) from  Muladhar (root chakra) to Shahstrar (crown chakra) using the nerve pairs of the spine, passing through the wheels of life. Sex is the downfall of the Prana and the journey of wheels is the rise of the Prana. 

All of us are energy balls and living in the Ocean of Consciousness. As the environment is full and charged with the positive and negative waves, the people, place, bed, surroundings, company, etc, can disturb our mind and create impact over our subtle body. Those who are traveling more must have noticed the difference in the level of peace and quality of sleep with change of places. Rudraksha makes it neutral. 

We are the bundles of thoughts. Over the years, some of us have cultivated positivity and some have cultivated negativity. And accordingly, we carry the vibrations and aura around us, that may match or mismatch with other individuals. Therefore we develop likes and dislikes for different individuals. 

A peaceful mind can read the environment and thought process of other individuals easily. Thousands of people are moving around and with the increase pace of life, restless we are, how could judge the right and positive persons around us? Rudraksha makes it easy. If one holds a Rudraksha tied with a thread (like a pendulum) few inches above the head of an individual, it will rotate clockwise if the guy is positive and rotate anti-clockwise if he/she is negative. 

Hope you will not try over your spouse? Lol

1 September 2016


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