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Abhaya and Erand

Abhaya and Erand

Heart Disease is a "vat rog" as per Ayurveda. Late Shri KK Shashtri lived 95+ years with the help of regularity of life and one ayurvedic medicine "Abhaya". It is called Amrita too. Abhaya because it doesn't harm. Amrita because it gives longevity. Shashtriji used to chew a piece of Abhaya after the meal regularly.

One Gujarati proverb was very popular.

"O..kare datan je kare, narna harade khay;
Dudhe valu je kare, te gher vaidh na jay".

Yes, Abhaya Amrita is Harade or Harad. A peace of harade or a spoonful power of harade at 3-4 AM with lukewarm water is the great medicine to fight with all 'vat' disease.

All patients of heart disease should avoid food that create vat, the vayu, the gas.   All pulses, some vegetables (bhindi, flower, papadi, etc), curd-chhachh, etc are not advisable.

Walking gives good support to the heart through its peripheral heart, the calf muscles of the legs.

Indigestion of food turn into "aam", and aam mixed with "vat" become aamvat, the route cause of many diseases and pains in the body. Erand/Castor is considered a great medicine for aamvat.

Aamvat gajendrashya, sharir van charin:, ek eva nihantasu, erand sneh kesari. (Castor removes the aamvat, like a lion kills the elephant)

It can be taken early morning with warm water mixed with ginger powder.

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23 January 2016


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