Friday, January 29, 2016

Right v/s Mercy

Right v/s mercy

Keeping the wind before them, five lions cornered a spotted deer (chital) and three of them killed it. It was a group hunting. After the kill, they were aggressively swallowing their share in the chunks, using their tongue covered with papialle that scrap meat off of bones, in the morning sunshine at Devalia in Sasan Gir. But when a younger lioness, which was away from the group at the time of hunting, came to join the group in the breakfast, her mother roared and angrily said no. 

The five were swallowing as a right and the 6th was sitting away couldn't eat. She was waiting for the mercy of the four to allow. Five were aggressively swallowing and the 6th was patiently waiting for her turn. At last one of the lioness filled with meat, moved away with the liver, and open the way for her, but till that time, most of the flash of the kill was finished. What was left, only the hindquarter and some entrails.

It is often seen, the nomads (driven away by the group) fend for themselves, lose weight and scavenge more than they hunt.

Don't you think, our social behaviour of medieval history followed the same pattern of animals behaviour. Some are eating as right and few were on the mercy of those righteous! In case of the animals, the one was missed in the hunting by chance but in humans, the last one was not been allowed in the group.

Lions are also expert scavengers, and obtain as much as 40 percent of their food by stealing it from other predators, or finding already dead animals.

The world of modern humans is better.

29 January 2016


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