Monday, January 4, 2016

Human Temple

Human Temple

Famous Saint Morari Bapu while concluding "pran pratishtha mahotsav" of a Durga Temple in Haripar, Maliya of Morabi District, yesterday; explained the importance of 5 major elements of a "Temple". The 'physical temple' of worship and the 'living temple' of human. 

The way 5 elements: base, garbha griha (sanctum), idols, shikhar (peak) and dhaja (flag) are important for a temple to become a 'tirth' (pilgrimage) that inspires the devotees; similarly each human temple carries a potential to become a "Tirth".

The living temples "we" carry the 5 elements. Faith (shraddha) is our base, antah karan (mind, wisdom, memory, ego I ) is our four walled Sanctum Santorum (garbha griha), the presence of the almighty in the form of soul (the light) in the garbha griha is our idol, living on path of truth is our Spire (shikhar) and the love to all is our Flag (dhaja).

The way the temple spire generate sacred thoughts and its darshana give satisfaction to its devotees; the human covered with the 5, will inspire millions.

Faith is the base because it should remain stable all the time. But the flag though stable on the spire pole but always fly and flutter with joy. A heart full of love expresses feelings in multiple forms. He/She is working for others out of love. His life is a "yagya", yagya of humanity.

Namaskar to all dear living temples.

4 January 2016


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