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Faith of millions in Ramdevra Rajasthan

Faith of millions in Ramdevra, Rajasthan

Gujarati Bhajans are incomplete without the helo bhajan of Ramdev Pir, "ranuja na raja, ajmalji na beta, viramde na vira, rani netal na bharthar maro helo sambhalo ho...ji...". Millions of people from Saurastra, North Gujarat and Marvad worship Baba Ramdev Pir as God and keep his mannat for the fulfilling of their desires.

My father wished a daughter from Ramdev Pir in 1960s so that he can perform the duty of Kanya Dan. He was blessed with a daughter in 1966. When she became 6 years old in 1972, my parents went with her to Ramdevara to complete the mannat. I was 12 years old and was very keen to go with my parents but they didn't carry me to save the cost of railway ticket. Since then my visit to Ramdevra was pending.

After the visit of Tanot and Jaisalmer we were traveling to Jodhpur via Ramdevra on 26 December 2015. The Tehsildar of Jaisalmer tied up our visit with the Tehsildar of Ramdevra. We reached Ramdevra at 2pm and had darshana of Ramapir Samadhi Sthala. I completed my pilgrimage pending since 1972. It was a small place and less crowded these days. But during bhadrapad festival time, it is filled with millions of pilgrims. It is a Samadhi (departed the world willingly) place of Baba Ramdev Pir. 

Baba Ramdev born in 1352 AD, was a son of Tanwar King Ajmaldev of Pokar Garh (Pokran). He devoted his life for the upliftment of downtrodden and poor people of the society. He had miraculous power. One of the miracles recorded was that he brought utensils flying by air from Macca for the lunch of the 5 Pirs of Macca, came to his place. The 5 Pirs stayed back with him and later took samadhi with him in the same campus.

Due to his helping nature and support at the time of crisis to his followers Baba Ramdev Pir has been worshipped as Deity by millions for more than 6 centuries.  He took samadhi in 1385 AD, at the age of 33Y only. He is considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He has been worshipped by the Muslims and the Shikhs too. Muslims call him Ram Shah Pir. There are many temples of Ramapir in many parts of India. 

The villages and areas around Ramdevra is under developed. It is a draught prone area. Life of common men is very tough. People are poor. If Ramdev Pir belonged to this area and he was a miraculous deity, then why the people are poor? My mind was questioning.

While inquiring with the PI, standing in front of the Police Station, he informed us about the small crimes of theft, assault, etc. 

As we went straight inside the temple, we couldn't buy a chaddar for offering. The Village Patvari was with us. I requested him to go out and purchase the chaddar. When I asked him about the cost of chaddar, he said any amount you wish Sir, from Rs. 500 to 50,000. I gave him Rs. 500. He bought chaddar and we offered it to the Pir. 

But my wife was in puzzle. As usual to her nature, she saw the thin chaddar and told me that it can't be of Rs. 500. I told her to leave the matter as it may cost high at the religious place. But she didn't. When we moved out of the place and walked in the small market in front of the temple, she first inquired the cost from one of the shops and then asked the Patvari about the cost of Chaddar. The Patvari, little bit afraid with the question, immediately put his hand in shirt pocket and return the note of Rs. 500 to my wife, saying that it is an old note, the shopkeeper didn't accept. My wife then went to the shopkeeper, bargain and paid the cost of chaddar. The Patvari didn't pay but bought the chaddar free of cost and put the money of saheb into the pocket. Crows are black everywhere.

In fact, it gave me the answer of my question, why the people are poor in the area, where Baba Randev Pir was born.

Khamma Khamma Pir ne Jaji Khamma.

Jai Rama Pir.

31 January 2016


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