Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Beautiful Sky

Beautiful Sky

Jupiter (24.50) and Venus (15.28) are in sign Cancer these days, making the western horizon beautiful in the evening these days.

Venus is moving behind the Jupiter. The union of both will complete on 1 st July 2015 (27˚ in Cancer). Thereafter, Venus will move a head to Jupiter and enter into sign Leo on 3 July. Jupiter is also moving to Leo on 14 July, but Venus will move further ahead.

The lord of Cancer is Moon and Jupiter get exalted in it, therefore one can see brighter Jupiter. However, it has crossed 24 degrees in the sign, therefore little deem. Venus obviously a watery planet in watery sign Cancer and in a house of a friend Moon is shining more these days.

Below them the union of Sun and Mars in Gemini in place. Therefore we can't see Mars these days. The Mars Mission is also on rest for a fortnight.

Till clouds cover the sky, watch and enjoy the beautiful union of Venus and Jupiter in the evening in the Western horizon.

16 June 2015.

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