Wednesday, June 3, 2015

1981 Batch of IAS shining superbly

1981 Batch Shining superbly

The batch 1981, born on 1/9/1981 has "Vikram Yoga", 5 planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Moon, set together in a house of Mercury. And the union is very close. Extremely talented, philosophical, judicious, balanced and stable batch it is.

The owned house Sun in Leo gets them powerful and ambitious wherever they work.

Rahu in the house of Moon and union of Saturn-Moon keep them under some unknown worries, giving them a serious look, that has helped in achieving the goals of Government!

18 years long Mahadasha of Rahu got over on 11/9/12 and with the start of Jupiter Mahadasha on 12/9/2012, the batch started rising up.

We shall see them working outstandingly well on power position during present Antardasha of Saturn (till 11/5/17) and anterdasha of Mercury (till 17/8/19).

Though sitting on power position with Vikram Yoga, their minds are "Virakta", governed by Philosophy.

Congratulations to Batch 1981.

3 June 2015


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