Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sun and Mars in Orion region crossing all heat records.

Sun and Mars in Orion region crossing all heat records. 

Sun has moved into Rohini nakshatra on 25/5/15. Incidentally, Mars is also moved into Rohini nakshatra on 17/5/15. Moon will move 9 nakshatra during the stay of Sun in Rohini, therefore the period is called "nautapa". It is Taurus, the earth sign. The earth is getting more and more heat from the union of Sun and Mars.

Is it beneficial? 

The El Nino, the hot springs in the Pacific Ocean has increased the Sea Surface Temperature and likely to pull the winds from the Indian Ocean, that may take away the strength of our monsoon. Therefore, the heat wave over India these days, can make the air so thin, that the winds from the south west directions flow towards Indian sub continent and may bring the rain. It's a tug of war between El Nino and Heat waves over India. Let us pray for the victory of the heat wave, so that we receive good rains during the monsoon 2015.

Sun will move to Mrigshirsha nakshatra around 9/6/15.

Due to Sun in the region of Orion, we can't see beautiful stars of Orion. As soon as Sun moves to sign Scorpio, one can see Orion from India after 6 months. And the best during Winter months. 

Tolerate the heat for better monsoon.

30 May 2015, Gnr.


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