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Mamu gifts the Kingdom, Padmanabham Palace of Teavankor Kingdom of Kerala

Mamu gifts the Kingdom, Padmanabham Palace of Travankor Kingdom of Kerala

It is a wooden palace of 14 buildings, made from Sagwan tree, spread over 7.5 acre where 14 Kings of the Verma Dynasty ruled over 240 years (1550-1790).
Everybody has heard the phrase "mamu banaya", but here in Travankor Kingdom, the Bhanja gets the Kingdom from Mamu after his retirement. The only condition of Brahmcharya, the Bhanja has to follow. It is a Brahmchari Kingdom, where son of the sister is the successor King. The King lives in a 4 storied building: Ground flour is used for storing the treasury; first as a bed rooms of the Brahmchari King and his mother; third floor as meditation hall and fourth floor as Temple. There was toilet and bath facilities attached to their rooms.

The dining hall in the palace has capacity to serve 2000 people together. 21x72 feet, 1+1 structure had been used as dining for the people during religious occasions. Ground structure was placed on stone columns and the first floor on wood column. 

The meeting room of the King was small and simple. Chair of the King in the Centre, 4+4 chairs of the ministers both sides and sitting for the executives in the front. To improve the aroma of the room small windows of the store corridor used to be opened where the sandal woods were stored. There were 9 boxes carved on the roof of the meeting room, 9 laxmis. All important decisions were taken under their witnesses. 

The palace buildings have small doors with average heights of roofs but the guest house for the foreigners is spacious and with good height doors. The kingdom had trade relation with China and later with Dutch people of Netherlands.

A campus with reasonable size cottage palace has been earmarked for the retired King (Mamu). It has facilities of old age requirements of massage and herbal bath. The sister of the King lives with Mamu. There is a delivery room to give birth to the child, who can be groomed as a future king under the guidance of the Grand Mamu. A graceful post retirement life for the retired King.

The capital was shifted from this place to Trivendram by the Martand Dharma Maharaja in 1790. Now the palace comes in Tamilnadu, but the campus is governed by the Department of Archaeology, State of Kerala.

A quality of life the King and his family used to enjoy those days, even better life is enjoyed by present generation in terms of facilities and comforts.

17 May 2015


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