Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sadiq in LBSNAA Mussoorie

Sadiq in LBSNAA Mussoorie.

I met Sadiq after 29 years today. A young, soft, courteous Sadiq was popular amongst probationers those days. He stitched my first Button Up Suite, the formal ware of AIS officers. OTs mostly used to get the suits stitched here. He was very perfect in his fittings. We were so much thrilled when worn the Button Up first time, that many of us get clicked on film roll camera of fellow OTs. The photos in albums still remind us those golden old days.

Now Sadiq is old man. His face little bit tilted may be due to paralytic effect. Nothing changed much except the interior of his shop, he is still seen working on sewing machine, stitching clothes with the same sincerity, what we saw in 80s.

Are you still stitching cloths of OTs? I asked. No Sir, not getting work like old days. OTs are mostly carrying ready made suits.

Then how do you maintain your livelihood? I further asked. From local work Sir, he replied sadly.

The way India used to live in Villages, similarly India lives in its informal sector.

When new generation start thinking while spending, whether the money spent is going in the kitchen of my country fellow, whose livelihood depend on us; India will run fast gaining Growth Index of Happiness.

Sadiq's Tailor and Hari's Shops were two popular destinations of young AIS officers coming to LBSNAA in 70s, 80s and 90s.

Hari's shop is no more. And Sadiq is managing his livelihood by stitching cloths.

However, Praveen's Saloon is doing good business offering cosmetic care of human bodies charging amount in 3-4 degits .


NB for Fun only:

OTs are same even today.

Little dark shadow near Manorama Devi Birala Gate. Standing 15 feet away from the boy, the girl said, I did something, hv u noticed? The boy said, what? The girl replied Chumma.. The boy replied bus chumma..nothing beyond?

Barkhurdar, Amitabh had to sing and dance to get one chumma in Film Hum. Slow and steady wins the race!


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