Saturday, May 23, 2015

Nature call, an opportunity to improve concentration power. (For fun)

Nature call, an opportunity to improve concentration power. (For fun)

On my way to US, I was passing through Dubai airport, took a chance to use toilet (for call 1) in the morning. I saw a long queue for call 2. It reminded me my young days of using public toilet.

It is interesting to watch the facial expression of the people at such sites, particularly the guys who are unable to hold intestinal pressure. None tried, but if clicked, amazing human expression can be recorded. A highest level of concentration and control power utilised! On one side there is pressure of intestinal basket to burst and other side no movement! Not the eyes but the ears keep hearing micro sound coming out from the latrine. The guy inside is relaxed and the guy standing outside is passing through a trauma. 

In cities, the situation is not that worst at public toilets. Because the dirty environment inside the latrine pushes the individual out as quickly as possible. However life for a person with constipation is horrible. A very bad start of the day everyday. Public toilets are like hell in Indian cities. Compare to them, people living and defecating in open in villages have better quality of life!

Join the 'Toilet to all' movement in India.

26 October 2014 USA


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