Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mall Road of Mussoorie

Mall Road of Mussoorie

After two weeks academic imputs on India growth strategy centred around infrastructure development through PPP and employment generation through manufacturing, our bus no.11 started walking on Maal Road of Mussoorie this evening. Academy vehicle at the gate gave us a short lift upto Indira Bhavan.

From Library points to Kulary, it was a pleasant evening walk with little cold, in a lighted market of Mall road of Mussoorie. Dehradun to the left was lighting up and mountains around started twinkling with lights.

Many shops are the same but many new also have come up. Interiors, glass doors, focus lights and shops full of colourful new goods (woollens, etc) making it attractive for tourists.  Footpath market and small vendors, placing goods on charpai are selling woollens, footwear and other articles at reasonable price. Few vegetable shops are like filling colours of life in the line of walled market.

Hawkers placed at every 30-50 metre distance are ready to serve you garma garam makai bhutta, peanuts, popcorn, alu tikki, youth laddu (boiled eggs) to keep up your energy full. Restaurants are ready with punjabi and other fast foods. You can see Nirula's and Dominos and Cafe in Kulari bazaar. The greeting card shops at kulari are full with books. Electronic messages have taken away our beautiful days of searching rose cards with beautiful lines of love.

And after a long walk searching for sweets, a shop at library point make your evening sweet with kadhai milk, balushai, rasgulla, sonhalwa, laddu, jalebi... muh mai pani aa gaya?

If tired by walking, the manual rickshaws are ready to give you a ride. Do sawari 50 rupiya.

Informal India is earning their livelihoods on footpaths. Whole day efforts, o babu..yah lelo....voh lelo....babu kifayati hai....Dear people, may be earning rs.200-400 at the end of the day.

On one side Big India thinking big and building big roads, ports, airports, power stations, factories, smart cities, generating wealth and NPA in trillions and other side Small India maintaining their lives on small earning a day.

Saare jahan se achchha...Hindusta hamara..

Search India search, the bridge and balance of both.



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