Saturday, May 23, 2015

Damad Babu

"Damad Babu"

Robert Vadra, a man, more in news than his "Sala" and known as magic machine of making smart money in shortest time, though defamed as 'damad babu', similar like Benzir Butto's Mr. 10%, is a person born on 18/4/69 with exalted Sun and debilitated Saturn in his horoscope. Surprisingly, this is 3th horoscope in a raw (other 2, Kejarival & Raga) with debilitated Saturn" performed badly during the elections fought under greater influence of "exalted Saturn". 

Lucky to get lady luck Priyanka from Gandhi family, he has many other yogas; budhaditya, malavya (exalted Venus), own housed Mars - exalted in Navanmsh, nich bhang rajyoga with debilitated Saturn, strong union of Sun-Saturn-Mercury-Moon, etc.

In the Moon Lagna, the lord of 2nd and 7th house, exalted Venus placed in 12th house of Pisces and aspected by the house lord Jupiter, might be saving his marriage life and wealth. 

Born in under Venus Mahadasha, the guy has been passed through Rahu Mahadasha from 18/8/93 to 18/8/2011. Rahu in union with Venus and aspected by Jupiter gave him huge wealth and wife from an influential family. The period of Jupiter from 19/8/11 to 18/8/27 is good for him to travel lot and multiply his wealth through FDI. He must have moved his direction towards foreign nations and will be able to grow his wealth their faster than that in India (2/2/19 to 1/3/22). However, antardasha period of Saturn from 6/10/13 to 18/4/16 will continue him under worries from Government and public perception. 

8 November 2014


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