Saturday, May 23, 2015

OTs in Mussoorie

OTs in Mussoorie

We were OTs of Poor and Socialist India of 80s came to Mussoorie carrying one bag; stunted, body slim but trousers big, empty stomach without belly, looking younger to age, some running when chicken in mess, very few used to drink liquor, not seen electronics beyond calculator and B&W TV, some even not sat in a car before, few pairs of cloths, no cosmetics, shy in expression of love to the opposite sex, singing and walking on Mall road, on tracking, on village visits, following academy's instructions in black & white. Hata denge garibi hindustanki...ab pahunch je jille.

They (2010s) are OTs of Grown up Capitalist India. Well grown wearing slim fit, full of cloths and cosmetics, belly bahar, IT savy, carrying computers and mobiles, fluently speaking English, more friendly, well dressed, well facilitated, well served, lose weight in tracking but gain double in village visit, NVs fond of chicken legs, out spoken and instant expression of love to opposite sex, few fond of hard drinks, many lazy in exercise, look older to the age,  ...aur kya kahe...India is growing in OTs too.

But both are soldiers of India committed to serve the people of the country.

Enjoy. For fun only.



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