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Ramgarh Pachvara, a village in Rajasthan

Ramgarh Pachvara, a village in Rajasthan

Jyeshtha dashami, Gayatri Jayanti and Ganga pujan day, pulled us to a friend's village Ramgarh Pachvara, 55 kms away from the pink city Jaipur, tehshil Lalsot, district Dosa in Rajasthan. With a population of around 4000, the village is getting prosperity from the earnings of its youth working in India and abroad. People were living in small cottages made from stone and grass, now have bricked RCC houses. The people living on road sides have converted their front rooms into shops. And as usual, the encroachment style of Indians, they all moved out and make the lane narrow so that two vehicles can't cross each other smoothly. One will find all shops of grocery, cloths, gold smiths, iron smith, mobile, stationary, pan bidi, tea-snacks stalls, etc.

The barbers and doctors are more and found active in the village. The private doctors may be practicing allopathy here without medical degree. A table, a chair, and few medicines are sufficient to start a medical practice in the village. The doctor charge Rs. 25/opd, and prescribes the medicine from medical store. He charges extra if give Injection and medicine from the dispensary.

Are you an MBBS? I asked Dr. Ishwar Harpalani, the private doctor. He replied yes but with little hesitation. Why there is no name and degree written on the display board? I asked another question. All know me well, the children, the young, the old. No need to print the details, he replied. The OPD cases range from 15-80/day. They are less in Summer. On one side an investment of a table and chair was earning livelihood of Rs. 500-2000/day to the doctor; and the other side, little away from the dispensary, the vegetable and fruit venders earning Rs. 50-200/day, worried for sale, were showering water over fruits and vegetables.

There is a Government Ayurved Dispensary in the village. Due to road work, its plinth has gone down below the road. It has no electricity. It opens twice in a day; 9-13 hrs in the morning and 4-6 in the evening. An Ayurvedacharya and his compounder are sitting idle without patients. We receive Rs. 10,000 medicine and Rs. 10,00,000 salary per annum, and no facilities in the dispensary. Things didn't change when I joined and now, when I am retiring next month, he told. People hardly come here for treatment as there are PHC and CHC nearby, he explained. When I asked why don't you contact people and propagate Ayurvrda instead of sitting idle in the dispensary, he kept mum. If the government transfer the ownership of the campus to you after retirement, how will you run it? The question he ducked.

We always talk about productivity of agriculture, manufacturing and other sectors, but hardly review the productivity of individuals working in the public administration. We are tying many white elephants and keep them paying without sufficient workload. The salary is not linked with productivity. Money comes to the public treasury from the payment of taxes earned through the hard work of the people, and that can't be spent on salaries without performance.

The Village Panchayat office was not opened at 10.30AM. The Sarpanch comes when there is meeting. The Secretary comes but mobile facility made him mobile. As usual SP (Sarpanch Pati) is a common problem in all PRIs in India.

Ganga Poojan, is an important event in once life. We grow, work, earn wealth and then retire. But retirement with grace, "Rinmukti" (debt relieving) from all who were our partners of the journey on earth, is an unique way of retiring. The event starts with a procession with bandbaja for performing Pooja of earthern pots at the shop of pots seller, darshana at the "Matarani" temple, followed by Ganga Poojan Yagya in the presence of relatives and friends. At the end samooh bhoj and giving away shikh (gifts) to all who have created some direct/indirect debt on us during the life. It is an event of taking virakti from Samsaar with celebration.

It was a small but very rich visit to participate in Hindu rituals, and to look at the living conditions and problems of the villagers. We did enjoy the nukkad chat. The villagers, though finding hard to manage own houses, are vigil over the local issues and express opinion as well as pleasure/displeasure over the performance of the State and Central Governments!

Indian villagers are living in hardships but very active in polity.

28 May 2015
Ramgarh Pachvara 

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