Thursday, May 21, 2015

Gold in Tons in Ananthpadmanabh Swami Temple in Trivendram

Gold in Tons in Ananthpadmanabh Swami Temple in Trivendram

Ananthpadmanabh Swami Temple at Tiruvanantpuram is not a place to miss by the tourists, because it is one of the beautiful temples of Kerala and it has Gold storage in tons.

A lawyer, devotee to the God Ananathpadmanabha, doing pooja and darshana in the temple for 30 years, objected the right of ownership of the successor King over the Gold and ornaments found in tons from the temple on the ground that princely states rights over public property have gone after 1972. Now, the entire property falls under the custody of the Supreme Court. Every one is under the scanner of CCTV camera and police in the campus. But it is a great surprise of the treasure worth of billions, were kept in 4 simple rooms adjutant to the main temple and besides the Vyas temple for years.

A temple with beautiful Gomukh depicting stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata with beautiful carvings was constructed with stones on 1212 stone pillars in just 6 months by the order of the Martand King Dharma Maharaja in 1790. It was impossible task but the architect, sculpture and builder Viru Mutthu Asari, did it in 6 months with the help of 600 elephants and 3000 people. His statue with his family members (wife, son, daughter and brother) has been carved on one of the pillars.

One has to start darshana with God Narsinh, Lord Krishna, some deities and then to God Ananthapadmanabh Swami. The temple was established some 7000 years ago and it has idol made of wood. It went into fire some 200 years ago. And the present idol was made from 12000 Shaligram from river Gandaki of Bihar. It is very long and black in colour. One has to do darshana of the God in three part of from 3 windows in the lights of lamps. The face of the God and hand with Lord Shiva from first window, the naval and padma Brahma from the second window and the legs from the third window. One can't demand from the God Ananthpadmanabh Swami as he is sleeping and he knows, what to give to you. The idol of Hanuman is in smiling posture is very attractive and unique. As it is a Vaishnava Lord Vishnu temple, Ganapati darshana is at the last of the tour to the campus.

The Verma dynasty of Brahmachari Kings were devotees of the God therefore they were called Ananthapadmanabh Swami Dasa. They had international trades, therefore probably they have exchanged pearls with Gold from China, and developed the huge storage of Gold OR it is a wealth from the savings of the Kingdom converted into Gold. Either the God or the SC knows the truth. The case is in the SC, it will tell us something more on the treasure as the God Ananthapadmanabh Swami is into a deep sound sleep.

It was raining heavily but we have enjoyed darshana, wearing a dhoti and enjoying first rain showers of the Season.

17 May 2015


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