Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Monsoon 2015, an astrological look.

Monsoon 2015, an astrological look.

El Nino is active and Sea surface temperatures (SST) of Central and East Pacific has raised by 1˚ and continuation of this warming, is one of the major indicators of below average rainfall predictions for Asia and Indian monsoon. Meteorologists raise hope by saying, monsoon remained normal in 1998 though the SST raised to 4˚ due to El Nino.

In typical El Nino years, the usual easterly trade winds stall or even reverse in winter or later, dragging rainfall eastwards away from Australia and also south-east Asia. Droughts tend to deepen and spread and bushfire seasons are more active than normal. 

A weak El Niño is classified as sea surface temperatures warmer than normal within a 0.5 to 1 degree Celsius range. A moderate El Niño is classified as a 1 to 1.5 degree Celsius anomaly and a strong El Niño is above 1.5 degrees Celsius in waters in the central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean for three consecutive months. 

Anyway, El Nino has direct impact over the formation of clouds, wind direction and monsoon over India.

Summer started late this year, and weather disturbances of un-seasonal rains, flood in Kashmir in mid Summer, put all of us in worry of this year's rainy season. India's food, income, GDP, employment, allied activities and industries are widely dependent on Kharif crops yields. If that is under risk, all including Governments have to worry.

Let us see the season from Astrological angle.

Sun enters into Ardra nakshatra (Gemini sign) on 22/6/15 at 16.44 hrs, with Venus in Cancer from 30/5 to 5/7, and their union with Mars (Sun-Mars angarak yog) may open the season with cyclonic start. 

Jupiter (Semi Watery) is moving from present Watery sign Cancer to a Fiery Sign Leo on 14 July 2015 May remain neutral for the season. Saturn already in watery sign Scorpio is negative for the season. Mars is moving behind the Sun but it is making union with Sun during its transit in Gemini and Cancer from the period 15/6/15 to 16/8/15 indicates scarcity of rains during the period. However, the period of Sun transit to Punarvasu nakshatra from 6/7 to 20/7 with vehicle elephant is a period when most of the sowing will take place.

Venus, the planet of hope is in Gemini at present will transit in Cancer from 30/5/15 to 5/7/15, further transit into fiery sign Leo from 5/7 to 13/8 and will retrogate to sign Cancer during 13/8 to 30/9, giving a hope of revival of the season in the last phase after 13 August.

Jupiter and Venus together in Leo will save Eastern and Northern India but Western India may face scarcity of rain when the crops are in need of water. Those have irrigation facilities will be able to save crops. 

Periodically Moon transition in watery signs Cancer, Scorpio and Piece will give 2-3 days good showers at the interval of 7-8 days, whenever it has positive union with Venus and Jupiter.

Overall, it is a Rain-worry-Rain type below average rainfall year. With India's increased irrigation facilities, the agriculture season may sustain near to its average yields.

Shubham Bhavatu Kalyanam.

13 May 2015


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