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Did President Obama change Indian Election Pattern?

Did President Obama change Indian Election Pattern?

In the last presidential elections in USA, President Obama changed the entire campaign mode. Raising $1 Trillion, he utilised $2B in using IT support directing campaigns and monitoring real time voting pattern and moves during the day of election. Huge money spent on campaigns and media management. 

The Republicans also used IT but their system collapsed on the day of election. Democrats had standby manual support system plan. 

Each of the booth was monitored during the day of voting with electronic device, taking a sense of voting in favour and against and pushing party workers and volunteers to pull supporters out of house to vote for President Obama. The Server Room was highly active. The gaps if any were filled up with the support voters who might not have come out to vote. At the end of voting day, they knew that he has won. 

During the campaign also he concentrated more on 18-35 age group and women voters; their issues, aspirations and developed an aura of hopes that he is the only alternative who is capable to resolve their problems. The olds have limited interests and are interested more in pension and health plans. The hardcore remains unchanged.  Therefore pulling once voters to the booth is the best way to win the polling station.  1+1+1...  victory assured. 

He succeeded in managing one of the biggest challenges of USA economy with unique measures. Due to recession, the prices of houses went down  substantially.  People who borrowed loans from the bank were unable to pay instalments and interests. They stopped payments and started vacating houses as an when bank issue notices. The banks went into crisis.  President Obama passed a law reducing the value and interest rate by half and made the banks to refinance. As a result the burden over household reduced and banks started getting instalments. The crisis got over.

Dealing with the health issue, he made it compulsory for all to take health insurance. Employers to take for their employees, Bpl to take the package at subsidised rates and other at regular rates. With putting government exchange mentor, he pulled all insurance companies at common platform and received competitive rates. It was criticised; subsidies to poor were opposed but finally his model has been implemented. 

When automobile industries went sick, he declared $4500 offer price for the used car if the customer replaces the car with new one. Demands for new car shoot up, dead automobile industries rejuvenated and workers thrilled with new salaries voted in lot in favour of President Obama.

Americans hate wars. But want democracy in the world to develop capital market to sale their technology and weapons.  President Obama silently did it in central-west Asian countries. To control ISIS, he is using NATO (includes Muslim Countries) platform so that other countries troops can fight war with ISIS.

Present time is a time of smart leaders.  And he is one of the smartest leaders of the present world.

At home, BJP succeeded in booth and media management and targeting 18-35 age group voters for victory. Now need some smart moves those can solve unemployment, poverty, health, education and other important issues of the country.  The country to put on track with 8%+ growth rate.

3 Nov 2014, WDC


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