Saturday, May 23, 2015

World of Authority and Civil Servants

World of Authority and Civil Servants

Mother Earth could have been a peaceful home if the creatures are not fond of authority. Humans, animals, birds, insects, everywhere, there is a search of followers who obey one's command.

In humans; the husband commands over the wife, and wife over children. Slowly she takes the reins of commands over husband as well as the new family members, i.e. daughters-in-law. The person, when in office or at working place, try to put someone under his order, even if he/she is a worker or labourer. The higher up increase their command area over more and more number of people.

When the humans form a social group of living habitats, or working habitats, they act to pull and push the commands. The social groups and caste system have been developed from power and protection instinct. A person timid in the house can command over backwards, in the name of caste superiority. The religious groups formed for salvation are also not free from the hierarchy and authority.

Therefore, one see fights everywhere. The persons in search of authority are working for increasing their nets of people under commands. And in that search, the ghetto is created, where like minded people come together, act together and share together. However, the chief remains chief, till people see power around him. He/she has to prove with acts and appearance, that power is with him/her indeed. Otherwise, new chief emerges.

I read a news about some changes in UPSC CS Preliminary examination, recently. It was argued that Science stream students takes away more seats because they have advantage in one of the two papers, i.e., reasoning and mathematics. Now, candidates have to score only 33% qualifying marks in that paper and the merit of the passing will be decided by the score in the General Study paper of 200 marks.

You may be little confused, what is the relation between authority and preliminary exam?

Science students score more but Arts students are better administrator, the argument placed for that move.

I think, there is strength in the argument. All are performing, but I have noticed in the service that, the Science stream officers focus more on their work output and least bothered about the surrounding pressure groups. With superiority complex in back of mind, many times they under value human relations and focus more on performance and quantified targets. Not bothered about publicity, they generally land up in the dispute areas easily. But the Arts stream officers focus more on surroundings and deliver output with diplomacy. And the political bosses, mostly coming from Arts stream pull on well with them, as their wave length matches more than others.

Therefore, if somebody do a research paper, I am sure, the stability of tenure on better postings will be more with the Arts stream officers compared to the Science stream officers. The merit marks in UPSC has nothing to do with the day to day marks of diplomacy in public administration.

Life everywhere is a game of authority, where everyone is in search of authority and territories.

Group of Arts rules. Administration is an Art. Are you provoked, please argue!!!

23 May 2015

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