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Win Big, Sequoia, the tree never die.

Win Big, Sequoia, the tree never die. 

"It's a big world for a little seed. Each stage of life presents many hazards, and the odds of a single seed becoming a giant are extremely small. To increase the chance that a few will grow to maturity, Sequoias produce millions of seeds. Ultimately, one seed per mature Sequoia must reach maturity if the Greater Forest to survive. "

After a short visit of Golden Gate Bridge, port area, China Town and a drive in the streets including Crew cut Street of San Francisco we moved towards Greater Forest area of Sequoia National Park. (Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco is an interesting example of people's determination in raising $35 million by bonds to build it during 1928-35, a worst economy time of deep depression. It was engineering excel of building a bridge with a high tower to reduce tension over iron ropes that hold the bridge). 

After a long drive of 300 miles, we reached Sequoia & Kings National Park and the Three Rivers area, in the evening. After checking in Comfort Inn, and eating supper of ready to eat Indian food, we walked besides the highway under the bright moon light of a day prior to Dev Diwali. This was the brightest moon of my life, seen without pollution, "the Chaudavee ka Chand". It was meditative walk under the sky dome in presence of cool full moon. There was Comfort Inn to stay, Subway and Pizza Factory to eat, grocery shop to buy, Sequoia Bank to encase, and a Post Office to receive and send parcels. Sufficient infrastructure to attract the tourists to come, stay and enjoy. 

Next day, after the breakfast we traveled 50 miles in the greater forest area.

Sequoia National Park spans 1635 km2 area. It is famous for its giant sequoia trees, including the "General Sherman" tree, one of the largest trees (height 275 ft) on Earth. Dense with sequoia, pine and other trees, little snow fall made the Greater forest area more beautiful. Encompassing a vertical relief of nearly 13,000 feet (4,000 m), the park contains among its natural resources the highest point in the contiguous 48 United States, Mount Whitney, at 14,505 feet (4,421 m) above sea level. A landscape that still resembles the southern Sierra Nevada before Euro-American settlement has been preserved.

Sequoia never die except by fall through winds or by forest fire. It has recorded life of 3200 years, a witness of entire human civilisation from ancient to modern!

Seeing the long living trees in thousands and meeting the oldest 'the General Sherman" was really memorable experience of life. It is 275 feet high and considered 2700 years old by the scientists. The oldest (3209 years, 317 feet high) fell down some years ago.

Few bird watchers were moving with large cameras for clicking birds in best of the action in the forest. Bears, Dears, Squirrels and birds are adding into the beauty of the Greater forest. 

The visitor centre displaying small museum, giving information and selling souvenirs, signage to guide tourists, etc, indicate the tourism promotional care of the US Department of Interiors. 

I had visited Lure Canyons, and due to time constraint, couldn't go to crystal canyons in the Greater forest. But you get a chance to travel the greater forest do visit the canyons. 

" Look at Sequoia Tree and Imagine that you are a Sequoia seed. And Turn the wheel of life to see if you will WIN BIG"

7 November 2014, LA

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