Monday, May 4, 2015


ॐ कारम् बिंदु संयुक्तं, नित्यम ध्या यन्ति योगिनः।
काम दम मोक्ष दम चैव, ओमकाराय नमो नमः ॐ।।

Om, the first sound of the Universe, the seed mantra of all mantras, the mother sound of all languages, a healing medicine for brain and all psychosomatic problems, a "pranav", the ship that leads to salvation, it is miraculous. The loving sound to all.

"OM" a sound of God, is the seed of Hinduism. A beautiful story of Panchikaran, the formation of gross matter from the subtle, describes the mystery of creation.

5 Tatvas: Space, Wind, Fire, Water and Earth are created from its tanmatra from the "Mah" tatva, the impure (active-physical) form of Brahman. Ego (I) created from Mah. And I extended further into panchmahabhoots. Each tatva has its characteristic. Space has Shabad (Sound), Wind has Sparsh (touch), Fire has Roop (appearance), Water has Ras (Liquid), and Earth has Gandh (Smell). Each tatva has been created from the previous one. Space created from Mah. The "OM" sound of space created sound waves and became cause of creation of Winds. Flowing Winds created Fire out of resistance. Fire when cools down turns into liquid and Water is created. Water turns into solid form makes the Earth.

Space has Sound; Wind has Sound and Touch; Fire has Sound, Touch and Appearance; Water has Sound, Touch, Appearance, and Liquidity; Earth has Sound, Touch, Appearance, Liquidity and Smell.

And the physical form of all these 5 Tstvas are created (assembly) through Panchikaran (Mixing of 5).

Space has 1/2 of Space and 1/8 each of Wind, Fire, Water and Earth.

Wind has 1/2 of wind and 1/8 each of Space, Fire, Water and Earth.

Fire has 1/2 of Fire and 1/8 each of Space, Wind, Water and Earth.

Water has 1/2 Water and 1/8 each of Space, Wind, Fire, and Earth.

Earth has 1/2 of Earth and 1/8 each of Space, Wind, Fire and Water.

And each gross matter carry its presiding deity, the consciousness (I), the union of Prakriti and Purush.

All are live here and their sound starts from the "mul dhwani" "Om"; the "A" kar, "U" kar, "M" kar and moon. Not only the Sun, but all are moving with the divine sound "OM".

It is a "Anahat Naad" (unstruck/unbeaten sound), can be heard in silence. One attains the Brahman, following the path of this anahat naad. And those who meditate on "Anahat Chakra" (Heart Chakra), they are free from hatred in this family of "vasudhaiv kutumbkam".

ॐ कारम् बिंदु संयुक्तं, नित्यम ध्या यन्ति योगिनः।
काम दम मोक्ष दम चैव, ओमकाराय नमो नमः ॐ।।

4 May 2015


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