Thursday, April 30, 2015

In search of better Food for Good Health

In search of better Food for Good Health

Good Food is the need of all creatures for living long and healthy life.

Villagers are healthier than urban people though they have less health facilities compared to urban areas. Because people in villages live more a natural life with regularity of food. Urban lives in stress and irregularity of food. Urban pockets are full of one or another types of medicines and rural pockets don't need tablets in pockets when move around. Rural tongues are in control compare to Urban tongues. Urban tongues are getting mad over junk food and advertising in TV has now started spoiling the rural tongues. Day by day, natural life style has been replaced by artificial living habits.

Before allopathy entered into this land, Indian average health and strength were better barring epidemics and infants mortality. Our kitchens were our "Health Clinics" and our mother/wife were our "Naturopathic Doctors/Vaidhyas".

Gujarat villagers have divided the intake of food into four parts: Siramani, Rotala, Robdho and Vyalu. Sira/Halva made of pure ghee and jaggery in the breakfast, Rotala and Vegetables in lunch, snacks or ghainsh as Rondho and light food of Khichadi-Milk in Vyalu. And there timings were perfect at the intervals of 4 hours: Siramani at 8AM, Rotala at 12PM, Rondho at 4PM and Vyalu at 8PM. And physical work for at least 6-8 hours. Mostly people were living healthy life without major diseases of diabetic, heart problems, BP or stomach problems. Their intestines were stronger and legs had more strength than ours. We need "oil engine" to move our body beyond 50 metres and they were able to walk 50 kms overnight. 

Surprisingly, I found Korean people are regular in their meals. Breakfast at 6AM, lunch at 12PM and dinner at 6PM. Mostly the Asian population was living healthy life with home made food. But new generation, tired of cooking food at home, disturbed the time table and wondering after the junk food in restaurants and hotels to satisfy tongues at cost of stomach and other body parts.

Not too late. Many in villages are still living life with regularity and discipline of food. Let us make them out light houses and return to a natural life of better food for good health. Provided our mother and spouse become "Naturopathic Doctor" again !!!!!

30 April 2015

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