Saturday, April 4, 2015

Truth is God

Truth is God

"God is Truth, but God is many other things also. That is why I say Truth is God…. Only remember that Truth is not one of the many qualities that we name. It is the living embodiment of God, it is the only Life, and I identify Truth with the fullest life, and that is how it becomes a concrete thing, for God is His whole creation, the whole Existence, and service of all that exists-Truth-is service of God". -Gandhi (H, 25-5-1935, p115)

Gandhiji's God was Truth. His life was an experiments with Truth.

We have been told to speak truth. 

What is the Truth, the ultimate Truth? 

When the world itself is considered illusion in Hinduism, how can anything in the world is true?

Is our knowledge truth? Are we knowing truth and speaking truth? How could One speak truth without knowing the truth? Is Knowledge (gyan) Truth (satya) or Truth is Knowledge? Both must be known. 

And the knowledge is the knowledge of life, beyond object sense, attuining with the Being of the objects. The object become one with the Subject, the unity of Drashta, Drashya and Darshan. And that can be attained by searching Reality. And that search is possible with aspiration arises to search for Reality (athato Brahm Jigyasa).

How could one move towards Reality?

It can be reached by 'faith' in the existence of Reality. And the faith is superior to thoughts. And when the mati (tendency to move towards Reality) and shraddha (faith in the existence of Reality) work together with nishtha (steadfastness), one moves towards Reality. 

When there is nishtha, there is sraddha, and when there is sraddha, there is mati. And that mati drive us to the Reality, the Reality of Being, the Truth, the Brahman, the God.

Search for the knowledge that is turn up to Reality (the Truth), with nishtha (steadfastness), sraddha (faith) and mati.

Yatha mati tatha gati (यथा मति तथा गति).

4 April 2015


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