Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mahavir Kalyanak

Mahavir Kalyanak

Today is the 2614th birth anniversary of 24 th Jain Tirthankar Bhagavan Shri Mahavir Swami, the day of Aradhana for all Jains. He was born in a royal family of King Siddhartha and Queen Trishala in 599 BCE (Chaitra Shukla 13). 

Jains believe in endless cosmic time cycle of trillions of years, the kaalchakra of ascending cycle of Utsarpini and descending cycle of Avasarpini. Each half has unequal 6 aras. Sukham-Shukham, Sukham, Shukham-Dukham, Dukham-Sukham, Dukham, Dukham-Dukham. 4th ara was a time for all 24 Tirthankars. 5th the present ara in which we are living is called Dukham of Avsarpini, started after 3 years 8 months of the death of Mahavir Swami in 527 BCE. 

The further worst time of Dukham-Dukham yet to come. Thereafter, the cycle of Utsarpini will ascend, Dukham-Dukham, Dukham, Dukham-Sukham (Tirthankars time), Shukham-Dukham, Shukham, Sukham-Sukham.

Mahavir Swami attended commands of his parents, lived all his worldly duties of marriage (wife-Yashoda), daughter Priyadarshana and finally attain "Kaivalya" through the path of "jitendriya" Tapas. His main teaching was "Ahinsa" (Non Violence), that became the biggest weapon of Gandhi to fight freedom war against the British Raj.

Again, when the world is facing challenges of violence in crude sense and exploitation of living creatures by the mighty in micro sense, let us pray Bhagvan Mahavir to light the path of the world with the principles of Ahinsa, truth and compassionate to maintain harmony. 

Jai Jinendra.

Happy Mahavir Kalyanak to all Jain friends.

2 April 2015
Chaitra, Shukla 13, Vikram Samvat 2071


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