Sunday, April 19, 2015

Kathiyawadi Lunch at Alang, made in Popatlal

Kathiyawadi Lunch at Alang, made in Popatlal

Alang-Sosiyo, a very famous place of Gujarat for shipbreaking industry. More than 100 ships of 20-25 k tons weight are parked here and nearly 3000 workers from Jharkhand, UP, Bihar and Orissa are on job here to dismantle them. Rs. 2/kg profit can make you crorepati in 3 months here provided you have a plot and liquidity of money. The major scraps is of iron, disposed off from the site. Other than iron, more than 300 plots are flooded with goods from the ships (furniture, plywood, kitchenware, decorative, etc) for home consumption and commercial use. Individuals, Hotel industry and community centres are buyers of such goods. Many people visit the place everyday.

Popatlal, 12th pass, a man in his 40s is ready to serve you a delicious kathiyavadi food here in his Gopnath Hotel at Manar. A student of local institute Lokbharti, Manar, he was fond of eating. When he used to read news about Alang no.1 in Asia but no facilities of lodging, he decided to start a hotel. He used front site of his farm for the hotel, and rest of the farm is serving him as backhand support supplying vegetables, cereal, milk products and fruits. Whatever served here are home made from his house and farm. Everything is "made in Popatlal".

And the food is fresh and organic. The team of 10 boys are serving you with pleasure under his direct supervision. Rice papad is the starter. Fresh tomato and onion salad, pickles (jaggery mango, gunda), deshi good (jaggery) with deshi pure cow ghee, ginger chatni, green chatni, potato and chilli bhajiya (pakoda), srikhand, doodhpak, butter milk (with salt and cumin seed powder), tasty cooked vegetables (guvar potato, brinjal, gobi mutter), Dal (arhar, udad), rotala (bajara, fulka, paratha), rice, besan laddu, etc, the stomach runs and mouth floods. Delicious taste of food with flavour of love in serving, as guest is God in this part of the world. The special thali cost you Rs. 170 and normal thali only Rs. 100.

Kya Taaj, kya Hayat, made in Popatlal is the best to enjoy garden fresh organic and delicious kathiavadi lunch at Manar-Alang. He has opened a hotel Het for elite visitors and Wadi restaurant at Gopnath. Earning reasonable profit, he has employed youth who have lost parents and are really in need of support as social service. His Sanskara of Lokbharti is illuminating.

We have enjoyed our trip to Alang and the delicious kathiyavadi lunch, "made in Popatlal". If enjoyed the famous breakfast joints of India, rush to Alang and have kathiyavadi lunch "made in Popatlal".

18 April 2015


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