Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Who will cry when I die?

Who will cry when I die?

I haven't read the book "who will cry when I die," referred by a colleague, but the same question we asked to ourselves during our one week inservice training in National Institute of Audit and Accounts, Shimla in October 2012. The answer may differ from person to person.

When a colleague die, few of us write messages and some attend besana and mourn. The subordinates, peers and seniors known to us will express good/bad words depending upon their benefits/loss or experiences with us. The family, friends, relatives, etc, will cry for a moment, a day or few days. But the persons who will cry will be the spouse, the better half (provided the knots of heart remained sound!) and the Children or persons tied with a knot of heart, may be friends or followers.

Spouse is the companion of our ups and downs and mostly known to the major part of our life. However, it is impossible to know one person fully by another person including spouse, but spouse it better placed to know the person more than others. The knots tied in front of Holy Fire at the time of marriage union the couple with the strongest psychological tie of mind and knots of heart. As others including adult children remain busy in their world the better half may cry the most.

If old aged parents are left behind, they will also cry for the died son/daughter.

The children will always remember parents when they are in trouble because parents are the real God for them on earth. When we pass through pains, we say O Mummy, O Papa, but never Say O Husband, O Wife. Therefore, parents are eternal in the heart and mind of the children. Children will remember us the most.

And for Gurus and public leaders; the followers and people will cry when they die and remember and mourn for them on their anniversaries.

If people remember this question, "who will cry when I die", many problems and quarrels from the life will go away. If the question attended seriously, it will improve the behaviour of all.

I wish to see people happy and satisfied when I die. I presume the persons whom I made rejoice will cry for me for a while and will remember for long, whether my better half, children, relatives, friends and others.

1 April 2015

NA: Children include daughters-in-law


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