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Gopeshwar, the place of divine peace

Gautameshwar, the place of divine peace

One of the ancient places of Gujarat, Gautameshwar is located in Shihor some 20 kms away from Bhavnagar, the district HQ. It's a Shiva temple, one of the cleanest temple of the country! The pujari is a retired teacher and his family, including old mother of 93 years age are worshipping Lord Shiva.

It's a cave temple where Rishi Gautam (husband of Ahlyabai, Lord Rama time), Maha Prabhu (vaishnav bhakti movement), Nana Saheb Peshva (Hero of 1857 revolt), Swami Vivekananda and many saints came and stayed. 

Nana Saheb Peshwa under a warrant of British, secretly stayed in Shihor for the rest of his life. Many tried to dig the hill in search of his treasure, but yet to find!

Rishi Gautam came here in search of peace after cursing wrongfully to his wife Ahalya, who was cheated by Indra through changing his appearance like her husband. Ahalya became stone due to the curse and later came into human form with the touch of Lord Rama. When Rishi Gautam came to this place, he saw a Shivlinga. A holy cow showered milk over it and disappeared. Rishi stayed here for sometime and return.

Peace is the prize here. Yes, one of the most peaceful temples. The surroundings are so beautiful with mountains, forest, dancing peacocks, flowing water (during monsoon); a picturesque site. The place is known as Shihor, Singh Pur, probably famous for Asiatic Lions in past. 

The temple family serve laddu (made from pure ghee) and khichadi to the devotees.

And the old lady, 93 years old, with all senses active was looking so peaceful, active and in rest that no body can declare her out at least for a decade. Peace of mind is the reason for her long inning.

If you are in search of peace, run and take rest, at least for couple of days in Gautameshwar, the swayambhu Shivlinga temple in Shihor. Don't bring your office and worries here. It is a place of Lord Shiva to enjoy the divine peace.

18 April 2015


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