Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday in Chaitra Passover

Easter Sunday in Chaitra Passover

Easter Sunday is the most sacred day of the year for Christians. Jesus, resurrected on Easter Sunday after 3 days of crucified on Friday. He was the first man raised back to life on earth. He was only 29 years old. His resurrection gives us hope about the life after death. It is a proof that the death of physical body is no end of life. It was first Sunday after full moon day of Chaitra in 33 AD.

Jews observe the 8 days (15th day of Nisaan) as Passover (of Lord), Israel's exodus from Egypt about 1300 BCE. It's a harvesting season of barley and start of spring, they sacrifice lamb and eat it as feast of Passover with unleavened bread as ritual to save the first born child from calamity of the spirit of the God. They placed the lamb’s blood on the door posts of the house.

Jesus, who never sinned, his sacrifice became passover for whole world to save people from death. It is believed that his sacrifice was enough to fulfill the requirement of God’s law for all people for all time.

Surprisingly, Chaitra in India is a month of viral diseases. Hindus celebrate Chaitra Naratra with rituals. People worship Godesses and some sacrifice lamb/goat in front of the assembly of relatives and friends and eat it with unleavened bread to save their children from death.  

Sacrifice was a ritual in lieu of freedom from sins. We do holy bath in Ganga, do Yagya and some sacrifice lamb/goat to follow the custom of getting free from sin. The diseases, calamities, death etc, are considered outcome of sins.

Scientists are trying to find the answers of the events but human soul connected to the Universal Soul, still believe that whatever they say but all happen as per the will of the God. The Father, the Being, the Brahman. दिल है कि मानता नहीं ।

Happy Easter.

5 April 2015


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