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Sansar Tyagotsav in Ahmedabad

Sansar Tyagotsav in Ahmedabad

You have heard about many festivals, but have you heard about "Sansar Tyagotsav"? 

With the teaching of Munipungav Hitruchivijayji Maharaj 27 Jain Mumukshu took Sanyas Diksha in "Sansar Tyagotsav" today at Sardar Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad, in the presence of 50,000 people. They are 13 male and 14 female of 11-81 years age group, including 3 boys of 11 years old. 

Jain Acharya Bhagwants Shri Bodhiratnasuriji Maharaj, Taporatnasuriji Maharaj and Kuratnasuriji Maharaj gave them "Diksha" by giving "Ogho" to each one of them at 9 AM, a permission to leave Sansar. The stadium witness the presence of "Jin Shashan" the claps of joy and shower of akshat (rice) by 50000 people gathered here, and with joyous sounds of Sankh, vajintra and 100 Dhols; colourful dances of Tribal group, Rasada of Saurastra group, Ghumar of Rajasthan group; and pleasurable presence of 9 Elephants, 25 Horses.  

Each sadhu-shadhvi did pradakshina of the "Naal" with joy after receiving the Ogho. The naal has four idols on four sides of Tirthankar Adinathji, Tirthankar Shantinathji, Tirthankar Pashvanathji and Tirthankar Mahavir Swami. 

All of them wearing colourful clothes and ornaments, were returned to the stage with a completely changed look after an hour. Their heads tonsured leaving shikha (choti) for the "loch kriya". They put on white cloths, cotton shawl on shoulder, holding Ogho, stick, kamandal basket on hand, turned into a Sadhu-Shadhvi look. Mumukshu became Sanyasi now. And they all wearing clothes weaved by the weavers and will use articles made by the artisans.

The three Acharya Bhagwantshris have performed Loch Kriya (pulling off hairs from the shikha) on Male Sadhus and Sadhvis have performed Loch Kriya on female Sadhvis at 12.20PM. It was first time, therefore, they tonsure head with blade, and loch kriya was performed only on shikha part, but hereafter, all have to remove their hairs through loch kriya on all hairs on skull throughout the life. Vasket and akshat (rice) was sprayed over their "brahmrandhra centre" on the head. Brahmrandhra centre is a gateway of leaving "prana" to gain Moksha after the death. The Diksha, identified the target point for the newly Dikshit Sadhu. 

When the loch kriya and vasket were going on, all present in the stadium were spraying akshat over the Sadhus and saying loudly, "nav dikshit amar raho".

Is that very painful? I asked, one of the persons present. No Sir. They use ash to hold hair and pull the dry hairs with technique. He pulled my hairs from shikha and tried to prove his argument! It become easy after 2-3 loch. It is difficult and painful around the area  above the ears.  

After the Loch, the Acharya Bhagwantshris were guiding the new Sadhus for their rituals. It was followed by their "namkaran" (new name given to each), Guru Vandana and Hitshiksha (how to live Sadhu life).

One old lady taking diksha met with an accident this morning and had head injury with 7 stitches on head, didn't change her decision and performed diksha sanskar.

There were 3 dikshit sadhu of 11 years age group. Their three mentor Sadhus were guarding and guiding them. One of the 3 boys (children) was golumolu and was looking little nervous or tired or may be not fully prepared for the event. His mentor was looked taking extra care for his perspiration of the body and covering shikha hairs with hand, as all were not fully removed due to his small age. But other two were looking submerged in the stream.

Namkaran kriya was very interesting. Their new Names are given by the Maharajshri but announcing was done by one of the persons who has bid highest price in the namkaran chadavo (auction). It was done for each new dikshit and the namkaran chadavo price vary from Rs. 36000 to Rs. 4,51000. I think their relatives and friends were bidding as part of their love and affection to the newly dikshit shadhu-sadhvi. But I was surprised with this Sansari act a misfit in the festival of Sansar Tyag. Many be the money collected is used in the food and other arrangements of the event.

It was Sansar Tyag Festival attended by 50000 people. Thanks to the organisers for making very good arrangements of breakfast and lunch for all with due care of using hand made brass - bronze utensils, traditionally cooked food, eating on bajath (desk) with Indian sitting system on ground. It was a ver
y tasty food without onion and garlic. Khakhra topped with ghee and red chilli powder, moong dal halva, three types pauha, moong sabji and tea in the breakfast; and motichur laddu, bhindi sabji, puri, bhajiya, sev, dal, rice in the lunch. 

The muhurt today have exalted Sun, exalted Jupiter (Hans Yoga), own housed Moon, Venus (Malvya Yoga) and Mars, (Ruchak Yoga), Jupiter-Moon union with Gajkeshari Yog, 

Jin Shashan ki Jai.

Jai Jinendra

25 April 2015
Vaishakh Shukla 5, Samvat 2071

NB: My wife Lamshmi was hearing chat of 3 kids. The 3 years old boy was telling other two to say michchhami dukkadam (please forgive), otherwise they will get bad birth with defects in next life. The younger one 2 years old immediately said michchami dukkadam; but the elder girl 5 years old said, no. The sweet chat was on..


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