Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our Life works like a car

Our Life works like a life of a car.

The car needs fuel (petrol/diesel) and a battery to spark the plug to ignite. We also need fuel (air, water and food), but the battery in inbuilt in the system from the fertilization of the follicle. It's a spark of God. Nobody knows when it gets off. Therefore, many Saints have confirmed that only God knows the death, but the time is already fixed when we born.

The battery has been placed in our heart keeping the pumping of the body well, that keeps the brain alive. Brain is the switch board of all the functions of the body organs but it's power station is placed in the heart. The specialized nerve fibers sinoatrial (not made in China!) node produces electrical pulses that regulate the rhythmic contractions of heart which is pumping life giving blood to all organs. The voltage (electrical potential) is dependent on membrane potential, therefore repolarization or depolarization of membrane changes the voltage patterns that can be measured through ECG (electrocardiogram). And our nerves are controlled by our nature and our reaction to people, events and environment around us. With a stage of anxiety, the chemical secretion in the blood directly involve the nerve functions and changes in the voltage patterns. Therefore, heart get damaged when one is hurt by people, event or environment.

Those who have strong heart (majboot kaleja) and balance nerve can fight well and last long, but those whose hearts are like Dove, may be loving but depart early. Therefore, sometime people say, good people go early and tough remain.

The invention of Yoga and Meditation by Hinduism, is one of the best therapy to regulate the nerve nodes and regulate the voltage fluctuations. Better to do meditation than to die in love of woman/man or property.

Modern life is a life of electricity. It has over charged our brains and hearts. But excessive use of electrical appliances may damage the voltage pattern and heart, therefore it's time to ring alarm bell.

And dear spouses, please don't damage the voltage system of your better half. It has potential to keep you only half!

Do meditation and live a fuller life.

31 March 2015


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