Monday, March 30, 2015

14 Lokas and 7 Heavens

14 Lokas and 7 Heavens

How could they visualized? 

Modern man is trying to see the world through eyes. He has invented equipments that can allow him to see farthest possible distance. And with the help of mathematics and logic he reveals the secrets of the Universe.

But ancient human mind was sharper than present mind because they could see through the third eye, i.e., gyan chakshu. The support system paralyze the strength of the modern mind. But in the higher stage of meditation, the ancient mind travelled beyond the seen to the unseen secrets of the Universes. How accurately they have revealed the secrets! Yog Vashishtha mentioned about how Vashishtha Muni travel from one universe to other leaving his physical body apart. As per Quran, the Prophet went through all 7 heavens one by one when he was ascended to the skies. 

According to Hindu cosmology, there are fourteen Lokas (worlds), seven higher ones (vyahrtis) and seven lower ones (patalas). The above ones are named Bhu (earth), Bhuvas, Svar, Mahas, Janas, Tapas, and Satya. The below are: Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Rasaataala, Talatala, Mahaatala, Patala, and Naraka. Some scholars believe that Seven Heavens and Seven Earthes of Torah/Bible/Quran refer to these same 14 Lokas of Hinduism. 

Quran mentions 7 heavens (samawat) created by Allah in layers; the Visible Universe (the earth, the planet's, the Stars) (our dunya) and Unseen 6 Heavens above us. 

Our Galaxy Milky Way has 400 billion Stars. There are billions of Galaxies. Their orbits and paths are intersected like a woven fabric. We are unable to reveal secrets of our visible Universe, then how long we shall take to understand Multiverse?

We understand four dimensions: Width, Height, Depth, Time. Scientists and researchers are adding more dimensions. Is the Quran refers 7 heavens as 7 different dimensions? Or the Hinduism refers 14 lokas as 14 different dimensions?

Hinduism say the whole creation is a play of mind (manasi srishti - Leela) of Brahma, the creative energy of GOD. Our eyes are means to see, but the seeing is by the mind. Our earthly mind can't look beyond earthly objects, the physical world. Even on earth all creatures don't see, visualize or think the same. With the refinement of mind, with different frequencies (like wireless sets), the subtle body, can visualize the other Universes. They were able to connect their mind frequencies with the frequencies of other universes, travel to other lokas and explained to us when returned to the physical body. With the change of frequency, one can enter into Dev Loka, Yaksha loka, Gandharva Loka, Pitru Loka,  etc.

Brahman is an infinite field of probabilities and possibilities. Whatever one imagine, it is possible. Our mind is our Brahma, has capacity to create our new world. 

अणोरोनियान महतो महीयान I

30 March 2015


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