Tuesday, March 3, 2015

In the Streets of Tallinn

In the Streets of Tallinn

Weather suddenly changed here for last two days. It seems Autumn started, a month early than normal schedule.

Old Tallinn town is a world heritage site. You see the fortress, St. Nicholas church, town hall, parliament, PM office, cabinet building (e-cabinet, ministers carry ipad, not papers), restorants, souvenir shops, pubs, few night clubs, and tourists from all around the world in the street of Tallinn. Children always enjoy the soap water balloons in the city centre. The European style buildings, cobblestones pavered streets feels you with joy of walking through 15th century, the medieval time.

You may shop Amber (baltik special, the pine tree forests seasoned in sea for centuries turned Amber) ornaments, decoration articles at expensive rates. One can buy earings or rings paying 15-40 euro. For buying Necklace and bracelet, you need more courage to spend euro without calculating rupee value.

After street to street walk, if feeling hungry, go to Old Hansa. You are inn to a place of medieval time. The interior, walls, paintings, furniture, candle lights, beautiful and handsome waiters and waitresses dressed and named of 15th century, etc, a real feel of life of 15th century. Hang on, the food, drinks, jugs, glasses, plates, all presented in medieval form. The water was not potable in 15th century therefore people including children used to drink beer. You can start your dinner will dark beer with honey or with sineman. The tea tottlers tastes it like coco cola. Grilled or smoked salmon with vegetables and desert of apple pie give you a complete feel of medieval tastes. Mushroom soups, hot vegetables with barley, bread and cottage butter will keep the vegetarians happy.

Those interested in night life can peep in paying 10-20 euro and tips to the pole dancers as progressed. If miser in giving tips, the girl will show you the door out, as they dance for money. Be careful, bouncers are there to guard the girls!!!

27 August 2014

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