Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Out of the World in St Petersburg

Out of the World in St Petersburg

It took 6 hrs to reach St. Petersburg from Tallinn, in Go Rail. The passport was stamped at Narva (border of Estonia) for disembarkment and at Russian border of for embarkment smoothly. The lady TTE did the job. Here in this part of the world, Railway TTE are mostly females and one each per coach.

Everything written in Russian and mostly people speak Russian, therefore communication and understanding the locations are big problem here.

When I moved out of the Vitebsky Railway station, it was raining. I thought to walk to the hotel but with luggage and rain shower, I had to opt for a taxi. The driver asked for 20 euro but finally settled in 10. Indian tricks of bargaining work here.

After dumping the luggage in Ibis Hotel, we moved to the city in search of Nevesky Prospekt. We walked upto the canal bridge of 4 horses and took a boat ride of one hour paying 600 Rl/head to see the spectacular buildings and architectures built by Peter the Great. Though the commentary was in Russian but the metalic colour water of River Neva; iron river bridge; and spectacular buildings Peter and Paul fortress, Winter Palace (Hermitage); cruser avrona, etc were presenting the great history of Russia.

Then we took a long walk on the Nevesky Pr nearly 10 kms, and enjoyed external look of Hermitage Museum, Alexander column, Kazan Cathedral and other buildings. One see singers and painters on footpath displaying their art. In few minutes, your pencil sketch is in your hand paying 200 Rl. Kushor Kumar must have learnt many para para pa from these singers.

The street Nevesky Pr is full of people, the locals and tourists in the evening. Beautiful girls welcome guests outside the hotel. Girls are many, more than boys. See many of them smoking cigarettes. Age 12 to death, "bhog" is their main life. They need vodaka, food, cigarette and man. The younger generation started picking up English. If you wish to ask, you may prefer younger generation.

After a long tiring walk we enjoyed veg burger with pepsi, took a small round of a big mall and went to bed for a deep sound sleep.

St Petersburg
30 August 2014


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