Tuesday, March 17, 2015

When shall we start Chakra treatment?

When shall we start Chakra treatment?

Kundalini (the power house) and 7 chakras (muladhar, swadhistan, manipur, anahat, vishuddha, agya, sahstrar) of human chetan body is one of the greatest invention of Hinduism.

When others were not able to speak, explain or write clearly, the researchers of the Chakras found the letters and language from the leaves of each Chakra.

Allopathy is a great invention of mankind that has increased the life line of humans in present time but day by day the research progresses, researchers have started saying that 96% diseases are generated from the mind. The psychology of an individual affects his physical body, making it ill. The auto immune system, the internal glands, etc, are govern by the mind. And mind is govern by the balance flow of energy in the Chakras. Many of you have noticed that physically we are same but mentally different. The difference is in the flow of energy in the Chakras.

Before allopathy entered into India people were treating physical body with Ayurveda and if it is not cured with ayurvedic medicines for long, they used to try other methods. Setting Neval Chakra (Manipur), called setting 'pinchoti' by massage to treat stomach problems was most common in India. Many go to Babaji for treating the subtle body through 'Shaktipat'. The tantra sadhana has some link with it.

If one analyses the Satsang in Hinduism, it is more like a psychosomatic treatment. One get peace and joy listening Satsang and doing kirtans. And the Baba, who has developed his strength to repair the energy flow of other persons with his Kundalini power by Shaktipat, can cure the disease by balancing the kundalini flow in the Chakras of his followers. I don't know whether followers of the blogs get such benefits!

And these Babas are like magnets. Otherwise how come thousands of people are rushing to their doors, waiting for hours. The deficiency of their chetan bodies want to fill up the gap. The thirsty are searching the kiosk.

There were thousands of examples of disciples receiving Shakripat of their Guru. Recently Bhagyesh Jha explained how a finger touch of Santram Bapu of Nadiad to his brahmarandhra gave birth to his ability to deliver lectures in Sanskrit. PD Vaghela has also told me spiritual benefit to his wife from Santram Bapu.

Kundalini is a infinite power house placed in our body. If a person is able to open its door and lift the energy up from Muladhar to Sahshtrar he realizes the Self. The energy flowing upward from one chakra to another increases individual mental and physical abilities. If not done scientifically under the guidance of a Guru, it may be dangerous and harmful. 

It is high time for India to start Kundalini University and to teach and learn the techniques to balance the flow of energy in chakras of human body. This will be the greatest service to the mankind of the world.

Kundalini Jagaran is not fake, because I have experienced it. 

Shubham bhavatu kalyanam.

16 March 2015

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