Monday, March 2, 2015

Where do I find Happiness?

Where do I find happiness?

Ghatvale Baba was living in Haridwar near slums. There were community waste bins near his living place. But Babaji was happy living in his inner peacefulness. Many disciples come to his place to attend Satsang. Some of them were rich. They were upset with the slums and waste bins around.

One day, a rich disciple proposed shifting of the ashram to a better area, near the bank of the river Ganga. The disciples have already planned promises of collecting money for the purpose. 

Baba said, let us see the place first. All went to see the site. It was a beautiful site; peaceful and surrounded by nature's beauty of mountains, trees, and a flowing river. They were very happy. 

The rich man asked Babaji, Baba, do you like the place? 

Yes, it is beautiful indeed. Babaji remarked.

Can we move for buying it and shifting the ashram? the disciple further asked. 

It must be expensive. Where will the money come from? Babaji inquired. 

We have planned. Some of us will collect donations. The disciple explained. 

I shall tell you tomorrow, Babaji replied. 

They all returned to the original place. All went into sleep dreaming for better ashram near the bank of river Ganga.

That whole night, Babaji couldn't sleep. He was thinking. Am I unhappy here? Shall we be happy at the new place? Where the happiness come from? Finally he received the answer. 

Next day morning, everybody was looking cheerful, waiting for affirmative answer from the Baba for shifting of ashram to a new and beautiful place. 

Baba came to the mandap. He looked at the disciples and saw their cheerful moods and smiles on faces. 

After an opening prayer, the disciple requested for Baba's consent to buy land for the new Ashram, they visited yesterday.

We are not shifting the Ashram to the new place. Baba carefully announced his decision.

Little silence and then murmuring sound started in the crowd. Many faces except few became pale. 

Why Baba? Why? This place is small and dirty. When we do meditation, the noise and stink of the area breaks our concentration. We shall be happier at the new place. The rich started explaining.

If we are not feeling Happiness here then we shall not be Happy anywhere in the world because, Happiness is not in the place but it is the state of our mind. Baba replied.

Finally, the ashram remained there. People with richness of their cars came and gone but Ghatvale Baba remained peaceful and blissful in his inner happiness at the old Ashram.

Happiness is our basic character. It is eternal and remain with us always. Provided we look at it. If we are not happy at present, wherever we are, then definitely, there in virus in our mind. Get anti virus treatment through Satsang, understanding the purpose of life and be Happy. Happiness is already inbuilt in our system manufactured by the Almighty.

Happiness Bhavatu.

2 March 2015


Woman: I want Happiness.

Buddha: First remove 'I' - that's ego. Then remove 'want' - that's desire. See - now you are left only with happiness.

An AIS officer went to Buddha and asked, I want single malt!
Buddha: ....



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