Friday, March 6, 2015

Shah Colours in Holi

Shah Colours in Holi

Prakash Shah (IAS Rtd) wrote once about Shahs in Gujarat, where no beggar is found.

Sanskrit Sadhu (gentle), Sahu in Prakrit (Navkar mantra), Sah (King) in Persia and Shah (banker) in Gujarat are symbols of wealth either spiritual, power or money. 

Obviously those living with Laxmi (money), there is no chance of begging. Their networking is unique. If you inquire about a trader of some goods and services from a Shah friend, he will surely suggest 'Shah' only. They generate money and jobs for themselves. As a result whole community has maintained hold over money wealth. They don't eat onion, garlic but never say 'No' to money! After all, they understood the value of money as a medium, a standard and to store!

Let us become Shah and celebrate Holi with more colours today😄

6 March 2015

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