Tuesday, March 3, 2015

An Evening in Tallinn

An Evening in Tallinn

Tallinn, capital city of Estonia is small but beautiful with European style streets with even type buildings, as you walk along the stone pavered road, you start loving it.

The local guide thought our homesickness and booked dinner in Hotel Maharaja at pikk street in city centre. As people don't know Maharaja, our techno savie Mishraji started leading us through mobile GPS. Instead of going straight from Hotel Mariton, we walked through left right streets and missed the way. At city centre the umbrellas of dinning ambience will red colour focus light took away our tiredness. People (?) were looking more beautiful (not handsome!). Girls (students) from Russia, Latvia work at hotels as attendants. Some welcome you and insist to eat and drink at their restorant.

At last we found the hotel Maharaja. There was big wooden elephant size of the Hotel Sardar with statue of Laxmiji welcomed us. Few of us felt that after eating tons of tanduri and chhole, why do we people chase it on foreign land. All enjoyed chhole, chicken, paneer, paneer pakoda, cripcy roti with gulab jambun and ice cream as desert.

After dinner, when we were leisurely walking through the city centre, saw manual rickshaws. Students work here to meet their academic expenditure. Shanta, a girl from Latvia, study medicines, transport passengers by manual rickshaw on holidays.

A monument of freedom made of Glass with white lights was looking attractive. The consort moved from city centre welcomed us at the monument corner. And wow, thousands of colourful fire rocket crackers lighted up. 3-5 minutes colours with sounds in sky twinkling through the trees made our evening in Tallinn memorable forever.

Tallinn 24 August 2014

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