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Food God, essential to maintain peace and harmony

Food God, essential to maintain peace and harmony

"Aham Vaishvanaro Bhutva pranimam deham asritah; Pranapana-samayuktah pacamy annam catur-vidham: — Ref: Bhagwad Gita chapter 15, verse14.
(Gross and subtle Manifestations are Me,
I reside in all beings, The Life that sustains; The breath the enlivens, Walks in and out effortlessly, continuously, Is Me; Every form is Me, The Fire that digests, Food that sustains,
The sustainer and the sustained, Just Me.)

Bharat is a great country. The inclusiveness is the core of its culture; think and care for other creatures. Even in the modern age of electronics, a lady cooking food for her family, keeps first roti for a cow and the last for a dog. Cow nourishes and dog protects. While eating a circumference line of water around dish essential to stop insects to entre. But simultaneously a small grass to keep out to keep them satisfied.

Wild and vibrant animals and birds calm down with offering of food of their likings. Human are pleased the most with good and tasty food. All celebrations, festivals, events are incomplete and without good food. Senior babus visits on inspections will become worst for subordinates if care of his stomach missed! Gifts and bribes are extention of food desires!!!

Our physical body is what? A sum of cells made from cereals, vegetables, fruits, milk and meat. The electricity that keep us alive, gets recharged with food.

Our mind generate thoughts if getting food in form of oxygen, iron and glucose. Therefore, thought is considered the most micro form of food. "Jaisa ann, vaisa mann" is famous saying.

Gandhi wrote that he had dream of killing his mother whom he loved the most, while in jail. Later checked that the food he ate that evening was cooked by a murderer. Swami Ram Krishna Paramhans though thirsty didn't drink water from a servant's hand at Keshav Chandra's house.

But Buddha took his first food after self realisation from the hands of a dalit lady. He ate all wild mushrooms to save his host tribal from a charge of his death and gave him equal status with his mother out of love to mankind. Jesus when asked about eating non veg and drinking wine replied, "think more what going in your brain than in stomach".

Food is an important substance for all of us. Whatever or who so ever come in contact with us have great impact over us. It can change our thoughts or teaches lessons of life.

Hindus worship many Gods and Goddesses. Food Devata is one of them. A pure Hindu will not forget offering it to Almighty through the Fire, the Ambassador of God. The food become "Prasad" thereafter. It may look ritual but important to nourish non violence in our nature.

Let all human beings eat prasad of God, respect each other, come out of thoughts of encroachment tendencies over thoughts and territories of others and allow all of us to live in peace and harmony.

Present world is in need more of Love and Respect to keep us free from terrorism and war.


13 September 2014.

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