Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Helsinki, the beautiful capital of Finland

Helsinki, the beautiful capital of Finland

Helsinki, beautiful capital of Finland located on the shore of Gulf of Finland, an arm of Baltic Ocean, with a population of 1.5 million is famous for its feel of nature and urban life in the northern most metro city of Europe.

It carries a history of 8000 years. When snow started melting and land mass started opening up, human started living on the land. Swiss came for giving them religion but rumed them for 700 years from 11th to 18th century. Thereafter ruled by Russia untill 1970. Defeated twice by Russia in World War II but their uplifted spirit made them free in 1970 following words of Lenin (all are free here) seriously.

75% people follow Catholic Church and few follow orthodox. People pay 1.1% of civic tax to the church voluntarily. Tax deducted from their salary goes to the Church.

Secondary, bachelor and post graduation education for foreigners are free (some seats) as the church pay their fees. Boys and girls tested and interviewed overseas live, work and study here. Food, stay and transport are availed at 50% concessions by them.

Wall to wall roads, block design buildings and a clean city catches once eyes. Stockmann, the biggest mall of the city has 11 stories. It is said that if an article you don't get in Stockmann, it means you don't need it. Everything is available here but at higher price compare to USA.

As the country made of thousands of sweet water lakes, fish is the main food of the people. However, rand e'er meat is considered delicacy. With varieties of fruits, the sweet dishes are superb. Hot Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and fresh stroberry presented nicely will tempt you though finished dinner. The breakfast table is full of varieties of fruits, vegetables, breads, cereals, juices, yogut, mushrooms, eggs, meat, many varieties of tea, coffee kaavi, just enjoy the morning with Fin foods.

January and February are freezing months. The sea and lakes turn into ice. Entire population enjoy cross country, skiing and other snow games. Day lights long hours here in summer. If temperature reach to 30 degree Celsius in Summer, people worry about heat wave and climate change!

People drink lot of liquors. Thousands of varieties of whiskey, vodka, jin, rum, brandies, calvados (brandey made from apple), shampaions and sparkling wines, sherry, and beer. You can find bottles in 4.5 L packing. They consume more beers than other alcohol.

They earn from Forest produces, Nokia (now Microsoft), sheep building, manufracturing snow cutters and Angry Birds games.

Life is expensive. 100 sqm apartment on sea side will cost 0.8 million euros.

Finland Art festival is going on this fortnight. There was consort yesterday in a stadium full will 80000 spectators. Youth from all corners of the country came and enjoyed.

People small in number with big land mass prefer to stay in silo but when interact, are pleasant, helpful and lovely in nature.

Don't miss visiting Helsinki, the beautiful capital of Finland.



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