Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Better to be on runway before takeoff

Better to be on runway before takeoff

I was fortunate to have Satsang with Swami Hansanand Saraswatiji Maharaj popularly known as Dandi Swami. My wife and I camped for two weeks at Rishikesh on the bank of Holy River Ganga in 2002. Every evening we were benefited by the Satsang of Shri Dandi Swami. 

A disciple of Swami Karpatriji Maharaj of Kashi, Dandi Swamiji is a follower of Vedant philosophy. He mostly live nude and hardly bother about the people coming and going. Living in a small room at Rishikesh, he sometimes go to nearby ashram and deliver messages. He has never tried to build ashram or to create empire of disciples. He lives in his 'Fakiri Masti'.

He can easily convince you that you are not the body but "Pure Self". The identity as male-female, young-old, this-that caste, this-that religion, rich-poor, placed high or low, etc, are the dharma of body not of the pure self. He explained, it is up to you from where to start and according to do sadhana and reach to the final destination of "Nirmal Chit". 

If you believe in body dharma, then start with Karma Yoga and move to the stage of Niskam Karma. Your Chit is like a mirror. There is lot of dust on it due to your present and past sanskaras. You have to remove this dust by purity of acts. Once dust is removed, you have to make the mirror stable so that you can visualize the picture properly, for that you have to surrender to God. Your mirror get stability only with one direction of life towards God. And once the mirror is dust free and stable, the Guru gives you knowledge of Pure Self. 

The Lion living with a group of goats believe himself a goat will be identified as Lion by himself. The dust of sanskara on Chitta to be removed by Karma Yoga, the vibration of Chitta to be stabilized by Bhakti and the swaroop darshan of Pure Self by Gyan from Guru. 

The realisation of words you read many times in Shashtras. The saying in Shashtras are words only before realisation, but after realisation, they become truth.

Therefore make a move. Start from anywhere, from the beginning or jump straight from the top. But it is advisable to run the plane on run way for a while before taking off the flight. It is good for stable ride and avoid accidents.

11 March 2015


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