Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Internet Voting in Estonia

Internet Voting in Estonia

Estonia became the first country in the world offered Internet voting in a nation wide election in 2005.

I voting allows voter to cast their ballots from any internet connected computer at their convenience from anywhere in the world.

They have conducted 6 elections so far. I voting percentage was 1.5% in 2005, has gone up to 24.3% in the parliamentary elections in 2014.

A voter can vote any number of time till the closing time. The last vote casted will be the final vote. To avoid masters influence over workers of spouse pressure over husband, the voter has been given freedom to recast his vote from influence free area!!!

A voter has to pass through two stages authentication before voting; ID and digital signature.

They have some checking modules to give answers to politicians regarding frauds in voting.

One can think that voters can be bribed to change his vote, but a party can't influence many in the game.

Or can think of a party collecting IDs and vote on behalf of voters. But this is also not possible because voter will not share his identify password and digital signature with others as the same is used for banking and other services. For supporting proxy voting, he won't put his finance on risk.

The e-world is thinking to make the administration paper less with an objective to reduce burden of bureaucracy over the people. After all the government is for the people.

26 August 2014


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