Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Egovernance Ranking

Egovernance Ranking

United Nation's agency give ranking of the countries in the area of e-Governance. India is ranked 110 (Population 124 crore). S.Korea (Population 5 crore) is ranked 4th and Estonia (Population 15 lakh) 15th.

They compare the countries on three major parameters; online services, IT infrastructure and human capital (literacy level).

It is not a right comparison of a huge country like India with small district size country like Estonia.

There is an urgent need within the country to rank States and Districts of India so that all the stake holders know their position and compete to improve their ranks. This will improve country's international rank.

Not only in IT, the system of rankings of Districts and States may be introduced in all fields in which India got ranked internationally. An Apex organisation may be created to do the job every year.

A suggestion to consider.


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