Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Great opportunity for Indian Exports to be increased in Russia

Great opportunity for Indian Exports to be increased in Russia

Indian exports is lower than its imports from Russia. Russia, a timely tested friend, but Russian markets surprise us for not buying many Indian goods and services in large quantities.

Ukraine crisis has lead President Putin to ban imports from European Union Countries, USA and Australia. As a result shortage of consumers goods started in Russia. Rubble started falling. If scarcity and price rise of fresh vegetables and fruits started within one month of the import ban, then what will happen if the ban continues? It is the time when one of the two eagles (State symbol of Russia) look towards India for full filling their demands of goods and services.

There is a great opportunity for India and Gujarat to increase exports of Milk and milk products, fresh vegetables and fruits (potatoes, onions, cucumbers, tomatos, cabbages, papaya, bananas, etc), eggs and egg powder, tea, cigarettes, drugs, rice etc.

Quality clearance will be a major issue to be addressed. Due to Indian climate condition, farmers do use pesticides and insecticides to grow fruits and vegetables. In scarcity time, Russia needs to be convinced for relaxing some quality standards. Cost is at their advantage. For example, they pay 600 rubles for 1 kg papaya, while the price in India is only 12 Rubles.

Timely actions required for exports promotion of Indian goods and services in Russia. Ukraine crisis is an opportunity for India's exports promotion in Russia.

5 September 2014


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