Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Are IT companies making us ullu?

Are IT companies making us ullu?

Suddenly my attention went to idea ad of ullu banawing.

e-Governance, M-Governance, Digital City-District-State are popular words in present world. Why not? It has saved papers, time and cost. It has made the administration more transparent and faster.

Literacy has moved up from reading-writing skill to e-literacy. But many Babus in Government are still IT illiterate. Many fears touching Computer key board!

When IT revolution started knocking doors of Government, the union was built. Union of profit v/s services. Some proactive governments started developing and using IT applications with the help IT companies. Manual work was replaced by Computer hardwares and softwares. IT electricity proved its superiority over babus red tapism.

But IT companies were smart. They knew how to mingle babus in .net and java jargons. Their team sits with IT illiterate babus and prepare applications asking their procedure. The applications prepared are delivered keeping source codes and passwords in the custody of IT company. The products are sold but not the keys. IT company knows that once the contract is on, it is a monopoly business. While operating, incomplete applications demand changes. And any change in formats, lines, path, will cost high. The hands are so tied that many a time, change of vender may neither be possible nor feasible. It is IT lock. Difficult to break or open.

The Companies knew that public administration and its procedure are mostly the same in the country. Therefore, something developed for one state can be rolled out in other states with few changes. Easy to do...010101...But product will earn full price in an autonomous federal structure. One state, 2 states...their businesses multiplying. The Federal Government also started developing uniform applications on state services but the hooks are not setting fully due to language, old applications and administrative culture. And the IT companies are happy looking at infinite IT business a head. Do you remember the Story of "Monkey and Two Cats"?

Singapore, Estonia are small and tiny countries in front of us but ranking very high in World e-Governance list. The IT transactions they do in a year must have been done us in one day. But parameters and performance keep us below. What they did for 20 million, we to do for 1.22 billion. They walk one step, we to walk 60. They all walk together with common platform, we to walk with multi platforms. Their applications are smooth and simple and we make them complex to remove our maximum possible doubts!

And IT companies. . Idea ad...ullu banawing..?

Just for fun only.

11 September 2014


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