Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Free Post Graduate Education in Estonia

Free Post Graduate Education in Estonia

"Discover Your Inner Einstein".

Walled by prisoners but spread by Students Innovations, the MECTORY (Modern Estonian Knowledge Transfer Organisation for you) is unique study centre started under the Tallinn Technical University. It gives freedom to the participants to discover his/her inner Einstein. International students and delegates from countries Japan, China, India, Australia, etc come here and learn innovative techniques. A small but equipped centre is picking up its popularity.

The Centre has started a Post Graduation programme (MSc) in E-Governance and Technology and Studies with 50 seats, free of cost for first two years. It gives students broad knowledge about the meetings of a modern State- the transition into e-Governance, its management and development. Graduate can be future e-Government technologist, architects, developers and analysts.

Foreigners/Indian students can apply before 1 May every year. The academy provides dormitory accommodation at 120 euro/month. Transport for students is free. Food may cost 100-300 euro depending upon one cooks or eats in restaurants. Students are given ID which is residence cum work permit. No restrictions on working hours. Students can work as many as hours he/she wishes provided don't bunk classes.

As our group is in departure mode, a farewell dinner was arranged at Hotel Villa Marry. The drive from Hotel Meriton to Hotel Villa Marry by small cabs and driving through the new city and coastal line under the beautiful colours of setting Sun and sharabi songs from the seasoned and sweet voice of Shri Vineet Pandey made the short journey memorable. How come, Mirza Galib and all these people found out so many positive arguments in favour of drinking "sharab", thinking "shabab" and eating "kabab"!

Many of us were going mad taking photos of the the Hotel, its view on the shore of Baltic Sea in the photography time, comparing it with Goa. Partho didn't miss clicking beauty of Estonia.

The man of the day was Sanjeev Jha, as the group favourite Ms. Annela gave the most time of the day to him.

The Ambassador of Estonia to India, Viljar Luby delighted the dinner with his present and speech saying there are 1000 Indians behind 1 Estonian. His praise for India on its Marketing Skill and Scaling up was noteworthy.

The dinner was rich as usual with Shampain, starter (prones, brinjal, vegetables), main course (fish, chicken, vegetables), white and red wines, dessert (fried banana with ice cream and black coffee). Over eaten still dreaming not to miss Old Hansa on Thursday night to have medieval time dinner with honey beer !!!

Enjoyed Estonia, the country of patriotism and leader in ICT.

Tallinn 27 August 2014


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