Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Do I love my India

Do I love my India

What makes us different than the world of white people? Sun rays? Resources? Infrastructure?

No no no...we lack cleanliness. Millions of us defecate in open, pissing here and there, spitting all around and through waste everywhere.

We are the most liberal democrats of the world doing all these without fear, favour and shame. We are uncomfortable with toilets and dustbins. We love "upar gagan vishal"! We are the nature lover, like to be with nature, doing all acts in open, visible to God and to everyone. Nothing to hide! Look at the movie India from the sky, 1.22 billions making India, the country of dirts.

The BMC Commissioner was literally breathless managing solid and liquid wastes of bumbaiya population. Till he meets with the capacity required, new force of marathi, tamils, andhraits, kannad, enter the city and revert his calculations. Same is the case with other cities. And villages are no man's land. Do it everywhere. It will be preserve for months till monsoon comes and drain it away.

If the sweepers in India go on strike for a week, you can see the hell on earth without dying.

We can blame God for making us brown, can blame our system keeping us poor, but can't blame anyone for our habits of defecating, pissing and spitting in open everywhere.

Cleanliness is missing in our genes. Asian paint coloured house, TV, bike, fridge, mobile, gutka, liquor, social expenditure, rituals, festivals, etc, may find space in our budget. But toilets, dustbins, streetbins, drainage etc are out of our reach. And if local bodies or individuals make them available for us, we consider it as a serious attack over our birth right of free falling. We ensure that all waste drop out of bins, defecate in open using toilets as store, and keeping the trees happy with showers of uria and uric acids 24×7!

O God...save us from this indiscipline, curb our freedom and make our mother land the heaven on earth.


8 September 2014


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